Two additions.

This week we formally added two new members to the Team Wooha team!  Welcome Jared Taft and Gray Riley!  We are very excited to have these guys are board and look forward to using the resources each has to further the mission of Team Wooha.

Jared joins the team as the Public Relations Coordinator.  He has a degree in marketing from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and currently works in the Charlotte region.  Jared’s ability to build a network and communication and execute details will be a valuable asset.  Gray Riley joins as our Water Is Life International liaison.  I had the pleasure of being with Gray on two different trips to Ethiopia and look forward to working with him more throughout this journey.

Pleasure to have you fellows on board!

2 Responses to Two additions.

  1. pumped for this! and for y’all.

  2. Mendy Henderson says:

    If you need an Ethiopian on the team I know a six year old who would join you! Excited for the journey and so thankful for what you are doing-

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