The Tank is here.

My frame, panniers, racks, and lots of other stuff arrived yesterday!  One of the boxes was torn on the side but it appears that everything was there.  It was pretty exciting opening all the boxes and laying everything out.  I decided that I would start doing a few things as far as assembling it.  I didn’t have a lot of time so I was only able to do a few things.  I got the saddle and seat post on.  As well as the rear rack and panniers.  Not sure if I installed the rack completely right.  There are a few places I might need to have someone take a look that has dealt with racks before.  I did run into two problems.  I do not think the brakes that I had lying around are going to work so I might have to order some cantilevers after all.  And the front derailleur I have mounts directly to the frame.  But the Surley Cross Check does not have a frame mount.  So I am going to have to get a band-on derailleur.  Those are the only complications I have run into as of last night which aren’t major problems and should be easy to fix.  Hoping to get the bottom bracket and crank on tonight.


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