New things.

Lots of great stuff happened at our meeting last night in preparation for next week’s launch.  We decided to change our slogan to “wooha = water = life”.  We believe that this gives a clearer picture to those who know nothing about this project and defines what wooha means and what we hope to bring.  We had some great discussions on organizing our fundraising efforts.  We have narrowed things down to 5 categories of support from corporate sponsors.  They are: Title, Steel, Titanium, Carbon, and Aluminum.  We are pushing to have literature out and in the mail by late next week.  SO WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT MARCH 1ST?

Things that we are beginning to discuss and look at are having a soft launch on May 30th as we began our ride but then as we pass through Charlotte, NC having a huge party to celebrate the up and coming 7 weeks on the road.  I hope all those that are in the area can make it.  Details once we have a date and venue will follow.  Thanks for those that have begun to support team wooha.  I look forward to the journey ahead and pushing along side each other to build as many wells in Ethiopia as possible!  Cheers.

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