Purify water while you pedal.

I came across this article today as I was attempting to study for a final exam in a class.  However I am just too excited about next week and our launch of the fundraising campaign that I can’t focus on anything else.  A Japanese company has invented a bike that will purify water into drinking water as you pedal.  I think that this is a pretty interesting concept and could be very beneficial to a lot of countries around the world that commonly use bikes as their main form of transportation.  However, think about this:  one bike such as this costs $6600.  The article did not say how much each bike was capable of filtering.  Through Water Is Life International, $5000 will build a well that can provide an entire village with clean drinking water for over 250 people and last over 20 years.  Which do you think is more cost effective?  Please consider joining us in supplying clean drinking water and bringing life to the Ethiopian people.  Click here to find out how you can donate.


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