You’re insane.

Today I rocked my team wooha shirt so that I could create some buzz about our fundraising campaign launch this Tuesday.  As people asked “what is team wooha?” I simply replied by stating what we would be doing this summer, “I am riding my bike across America to raise money to build clean water wells in Ethiopia.”  The common response to that, “you’re insane!”

It was easy to soak up the idea that these people think you are cool and unordinary because you are sacrificing two months of your life to ride your bike approximately 4000 miles in the heat.  I mean sometimes I do think that it is an insane idea.  However as conversations continued I realized people aren’t seeing the big picture.  The thing that I want people to see in my response is the “why”.  I am not riding my bike across America just to ride my bike across America.  It is a perk because I love riding my bike.  The issue I have had today is people seeing the “me” in this.  This journey isn’t about me.  It is about the millions all over the world that do not have access to clean drinking water and making that known.  In Ethiopia alone 3 out of 4 people do not have access to clean water.  Its about saying what are we going to do about that.  This summer is just one story or one example of someone doing something.  There are thousands of things that other people are stepping up and saying “here is a need, what the heck can I do about it.”  It would be easy to sit back and wait for someone else to do it.  But if everyone did that nothing would ever been done.  What if the pioneers had never said, “there is a new world out there.”  This country that we live in would have never been found and we would have never had the luxuries we live with each and every day.

So here is the challenge.  What can you do?  Or better yet, What WILL you do?  What are you going to do to bring change?  The answer can be big or small.  But make it something!

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