During one of my trips to Ethiopia, we were driving on a dirt road out towards an area called Lake Langano.  Langano is one of the few lakes in Ethiopia that is safe to swim in due to all the micro-organisms that live in the water else where.  As we were driving we passsed what is called a “watering hole“.

A watering hole is a spot in a stream or creek that the Ethiopians come to in order to fill up there jugs with water for the day.  They bathe, play, drink, and wash clothes all in the same spot.  Their donkeys, cows, and stray dogs all drink and defecate here as well.  I could not imagine drinking water that contaminated.  However they do this every single day.  They do what they have to in order to survive.

When Ethiopian children see foreigners drive by, they run along side of the vehicles yelling “highland, highland” which is a name brand of bottle water there.  The children do this because they know how much better clean water is for them, and all they want is a non-contaminated drink.

I asked a friend who was working in Ethiopia to bring back a sample of water from one of the watering holes we passed.  He also brought back a sample of water from a well that Water Is Life International had built in the area.  There is no comparison.  The color. The taste. The purity.  Water that is obviously clean to drink.  In fact, water from one of these wells is clean enough for even foreigners to drink from.

Please consider giving the gift of water.  By doing this you give the gift of life.

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