Your Invitation

I am meeting with a local (Charlotte, NC) restaurant today that is excited about partnering with Team Wooha and supporting WILI.  I don’t want to give too much away.  But if this works, it will be a great partnership for us and could potentially result in a huge contribution to this campaign.

If you have been reading our posts this week, or have been directed to our site by a friend/family member/coworker, I want you to know that this journey (both the ride across the U.S. and providing clean water for Ethiopia) cannot be accomplished without your help.  As our quasi-mission statement reads: “Team Wooha is a network of people who are dedicated to using their resources…”.  This is our invitation for you to partner with us in supporting Water Is Life International.

“Resources” can mean a variety of things:  a business, online presence, a community, etc.  And of course….financial donations*.

If you are interested in talking with us about how you can join us in raising money through your network, feel free to email us at  We would love to talk about ideas to raise funds and promote WILI.

*Reminder & clarification:  ALL money is donated directly to Water Is Life International, and therefore tax deductible. Team Wooha is primarily serving as a conduit** to raise funds and awareness for WILI.
**Pun intended.

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