To be kids.

It is crazy for me to think about that in less than three months we will leave Nags Head, NC and our journey across the country will begin.  However the journey has already begun for me and many others.  I don’t think a day passes currently where my mind is not thinking or reflecting on this summer for myself but more so imagining the faces of the Ethiopians lives that will be changed forever.  I can see the gleam in their eyes and the smiles across their faces stretching from ear to ear.  The laughter that echoes across the land as they play and be kids knowing they will not have to walk 5 hours today to find their family water.  Seeing their faces of concentration and diligence as they listen to their teacher in the classroom now that they have time to make it to class where previously that was occupied with collecting contaminated water.

Its these thoughts that remind me how easy and convenient life is in the states.  We don’t  have to worry about the effort and time it takes to provide water for our families.  Our kids have the time to be kids.  I can remember back to my childhood, playing in the stream at the end of our street, swinging on vines, riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing soccer and baseball in the neighbors yard, playing in the sandbox with my tonka trucks out back, and lip singing to my favorite songs on the patio table as if it were a stage.  My hope is that the kids of Ethiopia will one day not be robbed of having similar memories.  And I strongly believe that providing clean drinking water in their villages is one way of helping to do this.

Think back on your own childhood.  Think of the memories you have and shared with your friends.  What if, none of those existed and you weren’t allowed to have the joys of being a kid?  Please consider joining Team Wooha and their effort to bring change.  Just $1 provides clean drinking water for one person for an entire year!

Give the gift of water…Give the gift of life.


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