Early Morning Meeting

Karey, Cam and I met this morning to go over some details about the trip and our fundraising campaign for Water Is Life International.  I rolled into Bruegger’s Bagels on East Blvd. sporting a clean shaven face and business casual attire.  Karey and Cam looked like they just rolled out of bed (which they did).  But regardless, we discussed some of the exciting things that have fallen in our lap within the last week.  And we also talked about a few of the challenges that we will face in the next few months.

Cam unveiled a promotional piece that we will send to companies and organizations that we are pursuing as potential sponsors.  It looks really great, and I think it will be a cool gift to those who we hope will partner with us in this effort.  If your business would like to support WILI and Team Wooha, we would love to talk to you and explore this possibility.

We are also working on 2 different styles of t-shirts that will be available for you to purchase.  And of course all money will benefit WILI.


One Response to Early Morning Meeting

  1. Lory Howlett says:

    We are hoping to partner with wili to drill wells in the area where we work in Ethiopia. Love your concept, can’t wait to buy t-shirts….assuming they’ll show up on your blog when you’re ready? (Feel free to buy our t-shirts, too! 🙂

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