Pivlock V90.

Last week I came home to a great surprise!  The sunglasses that we will be riding with this summer were at my door, compliments of Smith Optics! Needless to say, I was pretty excited to open the box because I love Smith’s products.  I have been brand loyal to Smith for about 4 years now and I cannot think of a reason to wear anything else.

It was recommended by Smith that I try the Pivlock V90.  The Pivlock has the perfect curvature for cycling and is constructed using Smith’s Interloc system which makes switching to different lenses a “snap”.  The model comes with three different lenses for different levels of light and are polarized to reduce glare.  The other team members picked up a pair of Projekts and the Parallel Max.

This past Sunday I was able to get out on the road and put the Pivlock’s to use!  I went on a short 7-mile commute to a meeting, which allowed me to test the platinum lens.  On the return ride home, I used the clear lens since the sun had already begun to set.  The glasses provided excellent coverage from the sun’s rays.  The field of vision was great! Never even saw the frames or nose piece.  While wearing the clear lens, I forgot I was even wearing the frames at all!  I am a big gear head, so I was impressed by the weight of these glasses.  It is exceptionally minimal.  I also like to be flashy when I am on the bike and the blue denim color is only fitting.

Basically I am stoked to have Smith on board with us and am pretty excited to ride more with these glasses!

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