Run For Your Life

I am happy to announce one of our new sponsors!  Welcome Run For Your Life to the Team Wooha team.

Run For Your Life has been one of the leading retailers in the Charlotte area since 1991.  They have three locations: Dilworth, Piper Glen, and University.  They offer just about anything that you can think of when it comes to running as well as some triathlon gear.  Run For Your Life also organizes and executes various races (everything from fun runs to marathons) throughout the region and offers several different coaching programs and group runs.

I am particularly thrilled about this partnership because I have had the honor of traveling with owner and founder Tim Rhodes to Ethiopia on both of my trips there.  A sixteen hour plane flight will either make or break a relationship and I am extremely thankful that we have continued to be close friends.  Another thing about the Rhodes family is, Tim and wife, Robin, along with their three children adopted two children from Ethiopia last summer so they know first hand how much clean water can affect someones life.

Thank you guys for joining us this summer and we look forward to the things ahead!  Come out to our launch party at Kickstand on Central Ave. for your chance to win a gift certificate to Run For Your Life.


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