Wind Tunnel Lane – Day 2

We didn’t get the early morning start we had hoped for which meant it was going to be another hot day from the beginning. Today’s ride took us 63 miles from Fairfield to Washington, NC. The coastal farmlands of North Carolina are beautiful. If only there were a few more trees to create some shade. The sound of wheat rustling in the wind was so peaceful as we spun along.


The obstacle of today was the wind! It wasn’t a tail, head, or cross. We never could tell where it was coming from. The only thing we knew was that it was making us work much harder.

About 15 miles outside of Washington, we stopped for a drink and some air conditioning at a local meat market called Acre Station Meat Farm. As always we attracted a bit of attention when we walked into the store dripping with sweat and wearing our biking gear. However, it led us to meeting Minnie Ramsey! Thanks so much for the donation! And thanks for calling the news paper like you said you would!


Thanks to Minnie, the Washington Daily News is running an article on their website and in their paper about our cause. You can view their website at Washington Daily News.

Tomorrow looks like another long day. Seventy-five miles long to Selma to be exact. The exciting thing is our friend Jason Secrest is meeting us there will be riding with us for a few days.


5 Responses to Wind Tunnel Lane – Day 2

  1. Buffy Kleman says:


  2. Joy Godwin says:

    WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Wooha!!!! You’re doing great!!! So proud of you!!!

  3. Lonnie Clouse says:

    Dude, I am totally amped for you! Enjoy every minute of it. I admire you for your passion. I must admit that I am totally jealous. Your adventure is on my bucket list. Press on brother….

  4. Carla Cozzen says:

    I too am so impressed and in awe. CCHS is holding you dear in our hearts and will continue to do so all the way. We are pulling for you!!!! TEAM WOOHA!!

  5. Ryan says:

    I am SHOCKED that you were unable to get an early start with Cam. 😉 Wish I could be in CLT to see you guys.

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