First 80 mile day! – Day 3

It was our first foggy morning today. As we left Washington, NC the roads were pretty busy causing some close encounters. However as we progressed, the landscape turned back into the country roads we had been enjoying so much and became our favorite section of road on the trip thus far.


Our hometown newspaper, The News Herald, wanted to do a phone interview with us around lunch so we found a community store in the area of Lizzie to wait for the call. What a friendly place. Sat and watched “The Price is Right” with some of the areas locals where we met Bryan Barrow. The business was actually run by his family. We had a few snacks, did the interview, and headed back out on the road.

While we were at the store, they informed us of a man who was riding his horse across America who had just stopped there the night before. Our new goal, find this guy! Meet, Col. Rocky Woolman. Rocky is riding his horse across raising money for troops and awareness for the adoption of wild mustangs. We found them taking a break and had a wonderful time chatting with Rocky, Sharon, their 2 horses, and 3 dogs.


The rest of today was brutal mentally. We rode our first 80 mile day in one of the hottest days of the year. Exhaustion sat in. But we safely made it to Selma where our friend Jason Secrest has met up with us after riding from Raleigh. Pizza never tasted so good!


One Response to First 80 mile day! – Day 3

  1. Russ says:

    I don’t normally give up my email address for these things but wanted to say sounds like an impressive day.

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