Group of Four – Day 5

The morning started off with the perfect riding weather! There was a slight breeze, it was overcast, and the temperature was around 75 degrees. The plan today was to ride from Sanford to Albemarle by way of Uwharrie National Forest. We had a total of four riders since our friend Will Morrow met up with us last night to ride a few days. Was looking to be an incredible day.


Our ride began as beautiful as expected. Long winding country roads with rolling hills. The trees were becoming more abundant and so shade was much easier to find when a break was needed. Since we had four riders today we had ridden over 30 miles before we knew it! We were all excited to ride through the national forest in the afternoon. Unfortunately it was not the ride we had hoped for.

Don’t get me wrong. It was still a great ride. The problem was that the road we chose, Hwy 24/27, ended up being a major highway with a speed limit of 55 mph. There is one place you do not want to be at 5pm on a Friday and that is on a road like this while you are riding your bike! Cars were zipping by with only a small shoulder separating them from us. The good news is that even though the long climbs uphill separated us from as a group, we made it safely into town.


For those that don’t know, Jason, Will, Cam, and I were all best friends in high school. It has been such a blessing for the four of us to be together these past two days. It’s not only the fellowship that has been great but just knowing that these guys are with me in supporting our efforts and care to endure the riding to help bring clean water to the people of Ethiopia

Tomorrow we ride into Charlotte to my house! And then we celebrate with our launch party at Kickstand on Central Ave!

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