To a great weekend.

On Saturday morning we had a great ride in from Albermarle into Charlotte. It was great to ride so many of the roads that I ride on a regular basis and to be able to ride them with my close friends.

We rode up to Kickstand around 5:45pm and were greeted with an incredible presence of people there to support our efforts. One cool thing that happened was our friend Garrett Henderson was able ride up to the party along side of us. Last summer Garrett and his twin sister, Tia, were adopted by David and Mendy Henderson. Garrett and Tia are from an island in one of the areas that Water Is Life is focusing on building several wells. Upon hearing that Team Wooha would be riding across the country without hesitation Garrett wanted to join. Unfortunately he is only 7 years old. But he has a huge heart and desires to help the people he grew up with.


The launch party could not have been more amazing! It was the perfect way to celebrate our ride across America. Kickstand was packed, the staff was incredible, the generosity was overwhelming, the smiles were big and the laughs were loud. Thanks to all those that came out in support, to the staff at Kickstand, and the companies that donated to the raffle. A special thanks to Jared Taft, Steph Clanton, and Jessica McCrobie for doing so much for making Saturday night happen.

On Sunday we had the privilege to speak about what we are doing this summer at UCity in Harrisburg. It was a great time of fellowship and an honor to share in the many conversations about the water crisis in Ethiopia and the world and how we can do something about it. Thanks for the opportunity.

After taking Sunday off from riding we are back on the road today on our way to our hometown of Drexel, NC. Looking forward to spending the night with family.

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