Our hometown. – Day 8


It was a beautiful day to ride from Charlotte to our hometown of Drexel, NC. We were able to get an early start and make it out of Charlotte before the traffic got too bad. We rode a total of 83 miles to get here. Our longest day of riding thus far.

The roads were smooth and winding with a gradual incline. It’s been great to slowly watch the change in the terrain each day. We left Charlotte by taking Hwy 73 into Lincolnton. From there we were able to find a few back roads that took us to Hwy 18 into Drexel.

My mom happen to be subbing as an elementary school teacher and had been telling her class of 2nd graders at George Hildebran Elementary School about us and what we were doing. We had the privilege of stopping in and hanging out with them for a few minutes. They seemed pretty excited and asked a lot of great questions about our bikes and what it is like to be on the road.


We did come across our favorite street name currently, Alf Hoover. Who didn’t love the tv show Alf!

I want to thank Dena Carpenter and Karen Brackett for thinking about us and driving all over the place in hopes of bringing us some great treats! Thanks for the thought. Sorry that you weren’t able to find us. We would have loved to have been able to spend some time with you guys.

Tuesday will be a challenging day as we start up the Appalachian mountains. We plan to travel up Hwy 181 for the majority of the day. Growing up in the area and always taking this road to various places in the mountains, we have often wondered what it would be like to ride this route. Guess we will find out just how challenging it is.

We would also like to thank everyone for the past week and all the fundraising support during the events that were held. Through your generosity we raised $3,000!!! This marks a huge step towards our goal of $20,000. Thank you all so much. We are extremely grateful and blown away.

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