And the rain came – Day 11


After a great night last night at Elk Garden Methodist Church, we hit the road this morning in search of breakfast. We rode for several miles into the town of Honaker, VA. We weren’t sure where we might be able to find food in the town so I stopped and asked three gentlemen who were whittling on different pieces of wood beside an auto shop. They pointed us to a local place behind a car dealership called “The Farmer’s Table”. Excellent!

Our ride today looked to be an enjoyable ride. It consisted of several climbs and some rolling hills from Rosedale, VA to Elkhorn City, KY. The weather called for a high of 98 degrees and the skies were clear. After riding most of the morning and afternoon, we stopped in Haysi for lunch. We started to notice the temperature dropping on the marquee at the bank next door. So we checked the radar and realized there were several storms heading our way.

We still had 15 miles to go for the day so we decided to suit up in our rain gear and prepare for the storm. The lightning got closer and closer as the rain started to get heavier and heavier. The descents were becoming pretty tricky with the wet roads. Thankfully we had our Bellweather rain gear handy as we crested the last climb, the bottom fell out of the sky. Good thing our Smith sunglass had clear lenses so we could attempt to see. Several times I thought it was hailing due to the intense pain of the rain hitting my skin while descending at 30mph. We were forced to take cover at the Gateway Motel just shy of the Kentucky border.

I guess we have been pretty fortunate that this has been the first storm that we have ran into! Our total mile count for the trip so far is 648 miles!


One Response to And the rain came – Day 11

  1. Alicia says:

    648 miles?!?! That’s awesome.

    I am picturing the men whittling away… so funny. Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves and are staying safe! Praying for you.

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