The Hulk and a Chicken Patty – Day 13


If anyone is ever going through eastern Kentucky and camping you should stay at the Knott County Historical Society Bed & Breakfast. Especially if you are a cyclist. Upon riding up the steep driveway we were greeted by a man named David with glasses of sweet ice tea in hand. David is the man who currently operates the B&B. However it is somewhat closed meaning you have to currently camp. But for $25 a head you get a warm shower, your laundry done, a loaded baked potato, a massive banana split, one beer, and one shot of brandy before bed. Then when you get up in the morning breakfast which consists of fruit, cereal, cake, coffee, juice, and strawberry shortcake awaits. Best $25 spent so far. And David is probably one of the nicest men I have ever met, even though his shirt said Eddie.


After packing our gear we got on the road this morning heading out of the town of Hindman. Unfortunately the route today involved a busy highway with rumble strips (the things on the shoulder of the road that make your car should like it is about to explode if you run over them) and lots of trucks. Fortunately it is Saturday so there weren’t as many trucks. However during this section there was no shade what so ever. And on a day when the temperature reached 100.5, shade is what you want.

The rest of the route today was the usual up and down full of appalachian climbs. Several which were around Lake Buckhorn. Now just before we rode up this set of hills we stopped at a food mart to grab some lunch. I got to talking to an elderly gentleman at the table behind us. Meet Hulk Redman. Now you might ask why his name is Hulk. Well he never had a birth certificate until he joined the Marines at 16 years of age. So while the school teacher was making his birth certificate she asked if he wanted his full name on it. So he said no just put Hulk.


Hulk is 87 and reminded me a lot of my grandfather, Papaw. His mind was sharp and he loved to tell stories. Stories of playing baseball and hitting a home run, sitting in a sweet potato patch on his 20th birthday, and the numerous floods that Buckhorn had had before the dam was built, and about an article in the paper he was reading about a face transplant. Every time he mentioned having to ask someone if that was your face or someone else’s he chuckled. Made it quite the lunch to remember.

After conquering the climbs still 14 miles outside of our destination of Booneville we noticed on the radar that a large storm was coming. So we decided to ask a random house if they would let us hang out in their barn. Ended up they invited us in, cooked us chicken patties, and chatted for over a hour. Conner, his “woman”, and their daughter Nicole…Thank you!

Tonight we are staying at another B&B. Linda’s Victorian Rose. There is no way to describe it. Its hard to take it all in. Mom and Dad caught up with us tonight and will be traveling in the area with me for the next couple weeks. We shall see what the adventure brings.

Here is a picture of Justin, the guy that is riding with me currently. I did not have one yesterday to post.


2 Responses to The Hulk and a Chicken Patty – Day 13

  1. Pam Cornell says:

    I LOVE that David’s shirt read “Eddie”!!! hahahaha!!! And what is Hulk’s full name?
    Stay safe. Tell mom and dad “Hi”

  2. terry digh says:

    Keep peddling! Stay safe, you’re in our prayers. Headed to Sunday school and my class wants an update on your progress. T&B

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