The First 100 miler! – Day 15

I know that everyone has come to love my stories on the people that we have been meeting along the way. However it is with great sadness that I do not have one story from today to share with you in regards to the people that we have seen or met.

The big news for the day is that we have officially ridden our first day of 100 plus miles! 100.07 to be exact. Eight and a half hours in the saddle (pedaling) is a long time.


The morning started off perfect. A little chilly. We had to wear some extra clothes until we warmed up. The skies were beautiful, the grass was gorgeous, the temperature was great, and the wind was calm. You dream of mornings like this to ride. We rode from Berea to Bardstown today. The route was what seemed never ending up and down rolling hills for miles and miles. We ran into a few problems today. One being we missed a turn and the other being Justin had a flat tire. But never the less we moved on. Knowing we had to push ourselves to get to Bardstown, we did not take much time to stop and talk with the random people we have encountered the past several days. That being the reason why I have no stories to share. The day was nothing but riding hard.

Mom and Dad are having a great time it seems. It is fun to ride up to them in the evening and tell them about the day and to hear of theirs. Dad is thoroughly enjoying stopping at all the civil war battle fields and mom is loving the tours of the different wineries. Tonight we took a carriage ride through the town. Most of Bardstown dates back to early 1800’s so there was a lot of history. Really cool place.


We ate at a restaurant that used to be the stables from when the town was founded.


Tomorrow we hope to make it another early morning and get to Sonora early and jump in the car with mom and dad and take a trip to Mammoth Cave in the afternoon. That is if we can walk after today.

7 Responses to The First 100 miler! – Day 15

  1. Alicia says:

    Keep up the awesome work! You only need another 25 days or so of hundred mile rides and you’ll be done, lol.

    I think it’s very cool that your parents are with you and enjoying themselves.

    How was the restaurant. I hope the menu consisted of more than hay and carrots! πŸ˜‰

  2. kari burns anderson says:

    Hi KB!
    I went to Mammoth Cave when I was little – it’s really neat. You’ll learn all about stalagmites and stalactites (and which one is which!) πŸ™‚
    I’m confused – where did Cam go? Fill us in on when he left you after the big rainstorm day and when he’s coming back!
    I’m praying for you – strength and stamina, being the Light, and spreading awareness about water in Ethiopia.
    πŸ™‚ ~kari

  3. Steve Harding says:

    I just learned about your ride and your site. I look forward to going back to the start of your blog tonight and reading about your entire journey thus far!

  4. We just saw your dot move on the tracker map! How exciting! Praying for you every day…

  5. Ed Schoenberger says:

    We meet your parents on their trip to Costa Rica. We live near SF and plan on watching you cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Yesterday we received A note from your Mom with your website I’d. What a wonderful adventure you are on.

    Ed & Fay Schoenberger

    P.S. Remember to unclip when you stop :>)

  6. Phyllis says:

    The great songwriter Stephen Foster wrote “My Old Kentucky Home” based on a house in Bardstown, one of the prettiest small towns in America. I love it when people visit and talk about places I’ve been. Very cool.

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