Fifty-four for twenty-three – Day 16


We started the day we some great ambitions. The plan was to ride 50 miles into Sonora. That quickly changed. Justin needed to take care of a few things in Bardstown, so we split ways and made plans to catch up with each other later in the day. Many of you have asked where Cam is and why Justin is riding with me. Before we finalized the dates of this trip, Cam had already made plans to go fishing with his dad in Canada. So he is there now and will return out on the road in another two weeks or so. For the time being, I ran into Justin who was riding alone and we are both heading to the same place, so why not have some company.

I set off on my own this morning and was making great timing. I was trying to get as many miles in before lunch as I could because the forecast was calling for rain. There were two stops I wanted to make before we rolled into Sonora, a bourbon distillery tour and the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately none of the tours were open and along they path I needed them to be. So I had to skip out on that.

On my ride I stopped to take a picture of a pond and the landscape when Randal Fogle walked out of his house to introduce himself. I imagine Fogle does this quite often. The name of the street I was on was Fogle street. Fogle was the sixth generation of Fogles to live in the area. His whole family had worked in different bourbon distilleries, he alone had worked at Heaven’s Hill Distillery for 44 years. Great guy to talk to. Fogle informed me of some more history of the area and of the bourbon process before we parted ways


I rode 40 miles to the Lincoln birthplace where Mom, Dad, and Justin and I would all meet back up and take the tour. How did Justin catch up with me so fast? He took a few busy highways with less milage in order to cut off some time. The tour was interesting but a bit uneventful. The cabin that Lincoln was born in is only a replica and is inside another building. Not as exciting as if it were out in the woods like I had imagined.


The other big thing on the list today was to drive down with mom and dad to the Mammoth Cave. However we realized that Sonora did not have any lodging like I had originally thought. So we had to ride to Elizabethtown to stay the night. Here is the kicker. Elizabethtown is only 23 miles away from Bardstown where we stayed the previous night. So…I rode a total of 54 miles today to only make it 23 miles down the road. Depressing. To top it off when we got to Mammoth Cave, all the tours for the day were sold out and that is the only way to see the cave. Win some, loose some.


Tomorrow is a new day. Have to push hard to make up some lost time from today. Forecast is for rain again which we had a bit of today. Hoping for a dry one.


3 Responses to Fifty-four for twenty-three – Day 16

  1. Mary Jones says:

    It was really nice meeting you guys in McKee at Opals restaurant. I told my friend that I had a very intersting day to tell him about. I wish you all the best of luck and a safe trip


  2. Phyllis says:

    Mammoth Cave is great. Be sure to visit another time.
    I’ve been to that Lincoln birthplace. Interesting how they put the cabin inside.

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