Dodge ball – Day 17

Today started like every morning. Up early, dressed, sunscreen on, grab breakfast, and get ready to hit the road. However as we were finishing up breakfast, the storm hit! Intense thunderstorms and hail! Right as we would think it was starting to clear up, another storm would move in. We spent five hours sitting, waiting, fidgeting. I guess I didn’t spend the full five hours doing that. I got some extra sleep in the midst of it and some pictures from the trip up on facebook.


We finally started riding just after noon. Time for lunch at that point. Grabbed some food and hit the road. We rode for quite awhile before making any stops trying to catch up on time lost from the storms. Our first stop was at the Double L Grocery where we meet Arnold. Arnold greeted us with free icy pops! The grocery is cyclist friendly offering a place to stay if needed. They also hold a tent revival out back. It was quite the pleasant stop.


Our next stop was for a bit to eat. I ordered a fried bologna sandwich with cheese and a strawberry milkshake. The sandwich is one that I always ate at a restaurant I used to work at in high school called Mr. Roberts. This store was unique. Not only did it have food, it also was a gas station, country store, ice cream shop, and tanning salon.


The afternoon consisted of us dodging another storm at a rangers station just outside the state park that we are staying at tonight. We were only able to get in 50 miles today so the next few days have to be big days in order for us to stay on schedule. One exciting note on today is that we crossed our first time zone change. We are now on central time. The other big news is that we have now ridden over 1000 miles!!!



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