Eating watermelon as fish – Day 18

Last night we stayed at the Rough River Lake State Park. The lodge was full so mom and dad set us up in a more than superb cottage! We headed out at an early time this morning and were making great time and enjoying the day. That is until the wind came.


We had hoped to ride 100 miles today to make up some ground from the past few days. I feel like I say that every night. However on the road we were met with an intense head wind today that put a damper on our pace. No matter how hard you pedaled it was as if you couldn’t go anywhere. At sixty-five miles into the day we were beat. So we decided to call it in a town called Sebree 74 miles into the day.

The great thing about Sebree is that the First Baptist Church has created a “hostel” for cyclists passing through along the trans am. This is where we met Violet Hardison. Bob, Violet’s husband, has been the pastor here for 32 years. And for 32 years they have been inviting cyclists into their home giving them a nights rest, shower, meal to eat, and a great time of fellowship and conversation. Eight years ago they added onto the existing church structure and equipped the youth space with a shower and all the necessities to run such a place.


Violet invited us to dinner and fed us a feast. It was such a great time chatting with her and hearing all the stories she has from past cyclists over the years. Before we went back to the church to go to bed she prayed over us and wished us well. The other great thing about this time was that her youngest grandson, Trace, was there. So we played hide and seek and watched Dora for awhile. He will be three next month and is awesome (he called his watermelon fish). Today is my nephew, Nolan’s, birthday so it filled that emptiness of being away from him on such a big day.


It is always such a great feeling to see someone who generally cares enough about other people to go so far out of their way to meet a need. To be the church and to live out what we as believers are called to be. To exist for the good of the world in a way that Christ’s love is evident.

Tomorrow we believe that we have found a route that will actually cut off 40+ miles. Hopefully it will work to our advantage.


Stay off meth!


One Response to Eating watermelon as fish – Day 18

  1. Pam Cornell says:

    Yes, Karey, it is nice to meet someone who cares so deeply about others to go out of their way(ummm over 3000 miles) to make a difference! YOU ARE a living example of Christ’s love and I am grateful and blessed to know you!!! You encourage others with your heart and passion. Thank YOU!

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