Come on feel the Illinoise! – Day 19

I apologize for the blog being late.  I kept falling asleep while writing it last night.

We had a great nights rest last night at Sebree First Baptist and headed out right around 7am.  Thanks again to Bob and Violet for their ministry there and all the ways they pour out love on cyclists and the community.  The sky this morning was very fascinating.  It looked like rain clouds but with the morning sun shining through.  It was beautiful!  I hit several pot holes because I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

The morning ride took us through several back country roads and was pleasant for 30 miles or so until we got to the Ohio River.  The Ohio River is the border between Kentucky and Illinois.  So as we crossed the river that only meant one thing…a new state!  Hello Illinois!

I have actually been waiting two days to write this blog due to the title of an album by Sufjan Stevens.  Illinois. “The land of Lincoln.”  It is also the land of coal trucks.  At least Hwy 13 is.  The next thirty miles took us down Hwy 13.  A busy two lane highway that coal trucks and other semi’s travel regularly.  Justin described it as if his body were a kite between the head wind we were dealing with, the gust of air from the trucks coming from behind us, and the gust of wind from the trucks coming the other direction.  I would describe it more as if my body were an emergency buoy out in the ocean amongst a cat 5 hurricane!  For 2 solid hours this went on. Needless to say, when we turned off of Hwy 13 into Harrisburg, IL I was more than pleased.

We rode into Harrisburg and stopped to grabbed lunch while noticing that the road was closed and the police were directing traffic around the block.  Come to find out there was an armed robbery involving three suspects.  We also noticed a large storm moving in.  So it was perfect timing that it would hit while we were inside eating anyways.  I think it dropped 3 inches of rain with wind gust up to 60 mph!  The rain was coming in at a 45 degree angle.  This midwest storms are pretty intense when they hit.

After the storm cleared we found some back roads for the rest of our days trek that were quite pleasant and enjoyable.  We rode into Carbondale, IL where the University of Illinois is at.  A total of 103 miles for the day.  A new record!  We even rode into the sunset.  It was as if we were in a Clint Eastwood movie.  Two guys on bikes with all their gear for two months riding into the evening into an unknown city.

I mentioned yesterday that it was my nephew Nolan’s 4th birthday.  I just wanted to share a picture of him on “Super Hero Nolan Day”!  My sister and brother are such great parents!  And yes that is permanent marker on his chest.


One Response to Come on feel the Illinoise! – Day 19

  1. Phyllis says:

    I would call Illinois the Land of Endless Corn!

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