Into the West – Day 21

This morning there was another storm going through so we were able to take our time getting up and moving. Which also meant that I was able to enjoy my breakfast with my dad on Father’s Day! Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day as well.


After the storm passed we rode down a series of hills to the banks of the Mississippi. Now when you are riding your bike on a busy road and there is no shoulder it can be a little scary. However riding on a busy bridge makes it even worse. Especially one that long. Good thing it was Sunday or there would have been even more cars. By crossing the Mississippi, that meant only one thing…we had crossed over into Missouri and officially entered into the west!


I have never been to Missouri and to be honest I kind of forget about it being a state. I have never had much of a reason to go there. I always assumed it had nothing to offer. And I don’t know what the rest of the state looks like but the sections that we rode through today were almost just as beautiful as the Appalachia. We are in the Ozark mountain range and have only heard bad things about how steep they are. But I am not sure these people have ever been on the roads we took through the mountains of North Carolina. I don’t want to jinx it yet but so far I can’t agree with their statement. Missouri is a little odd in the fact that they label or name their streets by letters instead of numbers.


The ride today after the Mississippi took us through some rolling hills with a few climbs. We rode a total of 87 miles to Johnson Shut-in State Park where we are camping for the night. I am not sure I have ever seen a nicer state park than this. It is wonderful. Minus the mugginess.

For lunch today we stopped at the Crown Valley Brewery. It was nice to have lunch and it not be from a gas station. However we probably spent too much time there relaxing than we should have. When we left we had to do a few storm dodging techniques. But we managed to stay dry every time.


Many people have asked how I am feeling. It is amazing how the human body works. Maybe that is why I am so fascinated with the medical field. Each day when we are done riding I am a little tired. Not really all that sore. “I always preach the importance of stretching!” so usually after a little movement and stretching I feel pretty good. In the mornings my muscles are a bit tight but once we start pedaling down the road they loosen up pretty quickly. It has become a routine. Hard to believe that I have been on the road for three weeks now.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get an early start and make it 75 miles to Summersville.

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