According to Dave Laney, it blows – Day 24

Since we had decided to make today a “short” day we were able to sleep in a bit and take it slow getting going. However when I say sleep in, I did not get up on my own accord this morning. I was beginning to wake up, (and those that know me know that this is a good 45 minute process) when I hear “HELP! Someone please help!” Out of instinct I jumped up threw on some clothes and ran to the hallway (Justin being an EMT was right behind me). We ran down to the lobby where apparently a lady had swallowed some water but had started to choke on it and could not get her breathe back. Thankfully she quickly did and everything was okay. (Is that spelling correct Tyler Stanton?) I guess this is what my life looks like now that I am so close to becoming a RN.


After all the commotion we ate breakfast, did a few things online, and hit the road. The plan was to slowly cruise 46 miles to Ash Grove where we could stay at the city park. I did just say slowly cruise because this was suppose to be our “short/rest” day. We were not anticipating what we encountered.

I know that I have complained about the wind some previously, well today is no different…it blows! All day today there was a headwind of 20 mph with 30 mph gust coming at us. Our short 46 miles for the day felt like we had ridden 70 miles when we were done with it. We just can’t seem to catch a break in regard to the wind. I have my fingers crossed for those tailwinds to still be there in Kansas.

This picture is of two metal signs that were being blown sideways in the wind. This wasn’t even during the gust that were happening.


We thought that we were out of the hills going into today’s route as well. They were not big at all but numerous and steep. So basically, when you start expecting a fairly easy day and you are hit with something completely different that turns out to be a challenge, it kills you emotionally. That was the battle all day, fighting through the emotional struggle of “is worth it.” I think several times I asked myself why was I doing this. But each and every time I was reminded of how much more difficult it is for a family to find clean water in Ethiopia and how our efforts will make it s little bit easier for them.

Today we ran into another cyclist who is riding for the next year. He basically is doing a figure 8 through the United States. Interesting guy. However we never got his name. I think he is carrying way too much gear! That is just my opinion. But at least he is riding a super old hardcore Fuji.



For lunch we stopped in Fair Grove (there is something with the groves around here) at Hill Top Pizza. It was an excellent choice. The service was superb. Half of the restaurant is in an old bank. They use the vault as a closet. It had some great architecture.

Tonight we are staying at the city park in Ash Grove. There is a supported (someone carries all their gear in a van to each place) group of 11 here as well. It has been great to talk with them. The group is through Adventure Cycling which is who publishes the maps we are using. And since they are a supported trip we bummed their bike stand for a bit to do some tune ups and cleaning on ours. Perfect!

We haven’t decided what tomorrow fully looks like yet. There are a couple options so we shall see how we are feeling and what the weather looks like.



3 Responses to According to Dave Laney, it blows – Day 24

  1. Randy says:

    Was that before
    You went headnover hills

  2. Alicia says:

    I hope you catch a break soon! Love you!

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