Why must you hate us wind – Day 23

We pulled out of the Rose’s Green Roof Inn and continued our way down Hwy 17 in Missouri.  We had grabbed a quick breakfast and planned to stop in Houston, 22 miles away, and eat a full breakfast.  Mom and Dad had driven ahead and were going to meet us there.  A ways into our ride a truck came driving by me waving one of our Team Wooha cards out the window.  At first I wasn’t sure what to think.  Then the truck pulled over up the road a little bit.  A very energetic and joyful man named Ron Graves introduced himself and said he had meet my parents up the road and wanted to donate to WILI.  It was so awesome to talk to Ron.  You could tell he truly and passionately cared about what we are doing.  Ron also donated to Justin’s Delaware Food Bank.  Ron, thank you so much, one for donating and two for putting forth the extra effort to find us on the road and bless us with our conversation.

After breakfast we continued riding towards Marshfield.  Today’s route looked to be flattening out in regards to the steepness of the hills and required us to ride a total of 86 miles.  After 40 miles we took a break at a little store to grab a snack and some Gatorade.  When the guy running the store found out where we were going, he looked back at the clock and raised his brow.  Then he said, “I don’t think you have it in you for another 50 miles.”  What kind of statement is that?

While riding across the country you encounter lots of dogs along the road.  Some are vicious and chained in their owners yard.  Others are lazy and just stare as you pass.  Then there are the ones that bark and chase and you are worried what they are going to do.  Today we had a friendly fellow that was just looking for some fun.  This guy ran beside us, tongue out, trotting through the grass, jumping over the thicker patches, etc for over a mile and a half.  He sure had a good time and he was fun to watch.  I just hope he found his way back.

Another thing that we came across today was a fire tower.  Now when you see a fire tower it is pretty much a most that you climb it.  So we did just that.

We met one group of cyclist heading eastbound today.  Tony and Emily.  Tony is from Virginia and Emily is from Maryland.  They started in San Francisco and were traveling the exact route that we are doing so it was great to hear their stories and advice on where we are about to head.  When Tony mentioned that the Ozark’s hills had been so tough I did not have the heart to tell him that in the next two days they would get far worse for him and then he still had the Appalachians to go through.

The trouble that we ran into today, again was the wind and heat.  The temps reached 100 degrees again so the sun just drains you.  Then with a head wind in your face that you are constantly fighting against, you are exhausted.  Which is exactly what we were when we reached Mansfield.  Other than the wind and heat the day was beautiful!  One thing that did excite me was that Tony and Emily said all through Kansas they had a headwind, which means a tailwind for us!  Lets hope it stays in that direction.

The past few days I have been experiencing some pain in my shoulder.  It is actually under my shoulder blade.  It is certain positions that I hit that it is a sharp shooting pain.  I did some research and basically it is from extended riding and not changing positions much.  The recommended treatments are rest, anti-inflammatories, and/or a massage.  Looks like I need to schedule a massage!  We did decide to ride a short day tomorrow to see if that helps a little since we have been riding so hard the past four or five days.


3 Responses to Why must you hate us wind – Day 23

  1. I’m enjoying your posts each day & vicariously joining you on the journey! As you leave “middle America” and get more closer to the West Coast, watch for accupuncturists for help with the shoulder pain. Be safe. – Ellen

    • teamwooha says:

      Thanks! And thanks again for all your support. I’ll keep an eye out for the acupuncturist. Took an anti-inflammatory this morning and is helping a little but not much.

  2. uhhhm, that should be.. “get closer”! .

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