Tailwind…enough said – Day 26


We were hoping for a tailwind one day and we finally got it! It is amazing how much different cycling is when there is a headwind versus a tailwind. One of the craziest things is that with a headwind it is constantly noisy as if you were in a wind tunnel testing aerodynamics. But with a tailwind, everything is quiet. You don’t even hear the air from you traveling at what ever miles per hour you happen to be going.

This morning we had a tailwind of about 8 mph for the first 60 miles! They went by so fast. We were averaging double what we had been for each day. It was glorious. Not only because we were making great ground on the day but just like I said, it was so quiet and peaceful. You were able to notice so much more about the countryside and other surroundings.

Today we rode 117 miles total from Pittsburg to Eureka. I thought that Kansas was flat? There were definitely some hills on the road today. They weren’t too bad though. There wasn’t a ton of excitement today. The main goal was to use the tailwind to our advantage and get some milage in. We did come across one other cyclist traveling eastbound. He had ridden to Colorado Springs to go to school to become a certified bike mechanic and was riding back home. He was carrying his extra tubes for his tires over both shoulders and I am not sure why. Maybe every 20 miles or so he likes to start a stopwatch and see how fast he can change a tire?

I had a slight safety issue today as I was riding. I kept having trouble with falling asleep on the bike. I am not really sure how this can actually happen, but it did. Several times I caught my head nodding down and quickly jerking back up. At one point the wobbling of the bike caused me to come back to alertness. It was a close call for sure. At what point are you diagnosed with narcolepsy?

Once we got to Eureka we realized it was home to none other than the “1983 World Champion Steer Wrestler” Joel Edmundson. I mean come on, who didn’t know that.


I am quiet sad tonight as my parents will be making their trek back to North Carolina tomorrow. It has been great to have them out here to share in such a journey as this. But at the same time I look forward to Cam being back on the road with me and continuing our usually shenanigans.


And it was yummy!


One Response to Tailwind…enough said – Day 26

  1. Alicia says:

    PLEASE stay awake!

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