The Kansas I imagined – Day 27


We got up around the usual 6:00am today and packed up all our stuff before heading to breakfast with my parents one last time before they started their trip back to North Carolina. We ate at the Copper Kettle again which was where we ate dinner last night. The cinnamon rolls were just to good to pass up this morning. After breakfast we said our good-byes and started down the road.

I just want to thank my parents one more time for all their support during the past few weeks. I can not express how blessed I am to have such amazing parents like you guys who would sacrifice so much to support their son on the road the way that you have. You both are amazing!

The plan today was to ride 106 miles to the town of Buhler, KS. The roads would continue to flatten out as we went along and it was forecasted that we would have another tailwind for part of the day. There were chances of thunderstorms in the morning as well.

Several miles down the road the clouds got extremely dark. There was a distinct gray line in the sky of where the clouds were and where the sun was shining. It had a creepy feeling almost. However it never rained. It worked out perfect because the cloud cover cooled it down for a little bit in the morning.


The grassy hills were beautiful this morning. I have always wanted to go to Scotland after seeing pictures of the grassy countryside there. Today’s countryside reminded me a lot of what I imaging Scotland looking like. It could have been a combination of the clouds and the fields together that gave it’s essence.

The weather today turned out to be like most days thus far…hot! And the problem with going through a lot of these small towns that the trans am goes through is that many of the stores you think are there have closed due to the economy or are closed during the weekends. Today being Saturday this was a problem we ran into. When things like this happen you have to be cautions of how much water you have and plan accordingly. Today the was a stretch of road that lead us for 40 miles without anything. Tomorrow there will be a 60 miles stretch. And with temperatures as high as they have been this gets tricky staying hydrated.

We decided to cut the day shorter and stay in Hesston tonight. The major reason is because Buhler is smaller town and we were afraid that since it will be Sunday nothing would be open where we could get food for the day. Plus there is a campground in Hesston which is where we are staying.


It has been a pleasant nit due to the fact that since we stopped short today we had more time to relax, catch up on things, and make dinner. Nothing like some ravioli and a classic coke! “Doctor says classic coke is better than milk for your bones!”


We did meet two other cyclists today on the road, Dean and Chris. Dean didn’t have too much to say other than we were crazy and young to be doing the milage we are doing each day. Chris was a bit more talkative and seemed to be really enjoying his trip eastbound. He is actually from San Francisco and had good things to say about the route there.

Tomorrow we are going to try and ride to Larned. We will see what happens.


2 Responses to The Kansas I imagined – Day 27

  1. Will says:

    The Kansas I imagine = Scotland.


  2. Phyllis says:

    You need to go to Scotland. It’s fabulous. But there are lots of mountains and hills in Scotland. Alas, Kansas has but few. But Kansas has a lot of history and very nice people. Just like Scotland. 🙂

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