Back in the Saddle Again – Day 30


We left the Heritage Hotel in Dighton to a beautiful morning and rolled out of town. The weather was great. There was a slight wind from the southeast and the temperature was around 65 degrees. We grabbed a few snacks as we passed the gas station since the next town was 24 miles away where we would grab breakfast.

It was great having Cam back in the saddle on the road. For those that don’t ride it’s hard to explain but when you have ridden with someone for so many years you know how each other rides and how to help each other out. The three of us took turns pulling which made the morning go by really fast. We rode into Scott City and stopped at the Broiler Cafe. The food was excellent! Possibly the best local place we have been yet.

Amy stayed behind and worked on a new feature that we will be launching very soon on the site that I am pretty excited about! So keep an eye out for it. While she did that the rest of us got back in the saddle and continued our trek. We stopped a few miles down the road to take a picture and as we were getting back on our bikes, Cam’s tube and tire blew. We never figured out exactly how the tire blew out but we got it fixed and continued on.


We met back up with Amy in Leoti for lunch at the Dairy King. It has nothing on the Dairy Queen of the east.


The third leg of the route today proved to be a challenge. The wind had changed directions and was now coming from the south west. This meant that it was now a headwind and a crosswind. I never thought that I would say this, but I can’t wait to get back into the mountains and be done with this wind.

We made our way into Tribune 73 miles away from Dighton around 4pm. The great thing about today was that we crossed into the mountain time zone so we gained a hour to relax, fix dinner, swim at the park, and catch up on a couple things before it got too late in the evening.


There were a lot of cyclists on the road today. Two other west bounders and nine east bounders. The two guys heading west are brothers and are actually staying in the city park with us tonight.

A great update that we received today was that on the island of Zadechu that I mentioned this week in an earlier post two natural springs that were found while attempting to drill a well are to be tapped in the next two weeks suppling the island with clean water!!! I am really looking forward to hearing more about this in a few weeks.

Tomorrow looks like another hot day. 108 degrees is the forecast. We are hoping to make it to Colorado. It is all going to depend on the wind and heat though.



3 Responses to Back in the Saddle Again – Day 30

  1. Randy says:

    Looks like you got smacked by a bee! Have a great day and we love ya.

  2. terry digh says:

    Have a great day be safe. We love ya! T&B

  3. will says:

    cam’s beard is looking pretty groovy! keep riding hard
    fellas, wish i could ride 5 or 10 miles with you, but’
    i would cramp after that!!

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