Dighton – Day 29


We got our earliest start this morning. On the road by 6:15am. Several miles outside of Larned was an Indian War fort so we swung by it to take a quick look. It happened to be one of the main command posts along the Sante Fe trade route.


As we traveled down Hwy 156 we knew that in just a short while the inevitable would be upon us. The route made a turn onto Hwy 183 which took us due north. The problem was that today the wind was blowing at 35 mph from the north which meant a horrific headwind. And it was brutal! The one good thing that came out of this was that since we were riding with Marc and Jason there were four of us to do the work. This meant that one person would push up front and the rest could relax in the draft and occasionally we would switch.


After that stretch of road we turned left onto Hwy 96 which would take us the next 50 miles to Dighton where we would stay for the night. It is pretty awesome telling people your last name in a small town that probably was named after one of your ancestors.


Tonight Cam and Amy joined back up on the journey. It is so good to have them back on the road with me. I am really looking forward to riding the rest of the way to California with them.

The big milestone that come yesterday is that we reached the halfway point of the trip! After riding 97 miles yesterday, we have currently ridden 2035 miles. It is crazy to think that we have come that far. We should reach Colorado in the next two days.


One Response to Dighton – Day 29

  1. terry digh says:

    Great to hear that you have riders with you. Doing a great job, half way is fantastic. The rest of the trip should be a breeze. Praying for you each day. T&B

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