Rest day motivation – Day 32

Today the weather was forecast to be 108 degrees with 30 mph winds from the northwest with gusts up to 50 mph. Not the type of weather you want to think about when you are heading west. For the people heading east, this would be a great day for them. However we are heading west. They were projecting the winds to pick up around 12pm. So the night before we had decided we would get up at 4am and get on the road as early as possible so that we might beat some of the wind on our 90 mile ride into Pueblo, CO.

The morning came earlier than we all wanted but we managed to wake ourselves up in the dark, grab a bite to eat, and began suiting up for the day. Unfortunately we noticed that Justin’s rear tire had gone flat over night due to a thorn. Cam, Amy, and I finished packing up camp while he fixed his tire.

We hit the road just shortly after sunrise, a little later than planned but not bad at all. The morning air was brisk but the wind was still fairly calm. We had set a good pace sharing the workload and traveled the first 40 miles before 9am.

We stopped for breakfast at the Bits and Spurs Cafe in Ordway. Interesting place. They make there gravy from scratch which was pretty amazing. One of the coolest things was that they had small wood plaques on the wall with all the brands from the local ranches.

Once in Pueblo, Justin’s aunt was picking him up and he was going to take a few days off with some family in Denver so he decided to go ahead in the car with Amy since we did not know how long it would take us to reach Pueblo with the weather.

While they headed on, Cam and I attacked. Our goal was to ride as hard as we could and as fast as we could without exhausting ourselves in hopes to get as far as we could before the wind started. I don’t know what came over us but we were flying down the road, and we both felt good. We covered the 90 miles into Pueblo in just under six hours with is much faster than any other day we have ridden on this journey. The good news is is that the wind never really picked up which was to our favor and since the air is so dry in Colorado the heat did not seem as hot.

The ride into Pueblo was beautiful. It was a desert like terrain with varying vegetation and a railroad line that ran parallel to the road. The elevation gradually climbed a couple hundred feet as we you could see small hills starting to form as we get closer and closer to the Rockies.

We are really looking forward to our rest day here in Pueblo. It is a beautiful city with lots of unique things about it. I haven’t taken a day off from riding since we were in Charlotte so I am sure my body is thanking me and looking forward to the rest day as well.

One Response to Rest day motivation – Day 32

  1. Danny says:

    Welcome to CO KB! Wish I was able to see ya!

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