The Galloping Goose – Day 37


We had decided that today we were going to take a short day. We woke up and wondered around Montrose for a bit and stumbled across a great little bakery called Daily Bread where we grabbed some brunch. The breakfast burrito was amazing! And the gravy might have been one of the best I have ever tasted. And Amy’s sourdough toast looked to be quite delicious as well.


After our bellies were full we hit the road to travel the 27 miles into Ridgeway, CO. Today’s ride was short but was a gradual incline all the way into town, so by all means was not simple. Shortly after we left Montrose, we noticed that traffic was backing up. We continued our roll on the shoulder until we were met by a sign holder at a construction zone. They were paving and the road was one lane ahead. We spoke to the super nice lady for a brief minute and she allowed us to continue in front of the traffic. Cars were backed up for miles on both ends. They would let one direction proceed for approximately 15 minutes and then they would let the other direction go. It was a great day to be a cyclists, but a bad day to be a motorists.


Once through the construction zone we took a short break and grabbed a Gatorade to replace our electrolytes. Back on the road and several miles later we began noticing the skies were turning darker. Then came the lightening and we knew we needed to find some shelter. We were able to find a visitor center at a state park and took shelter there until the storms passed.


When it was clear we continued on our way. The cool thing about the rest of the ride into Ridgeway was that there was a paved bike route that ran alongside the river. It was beautiful! It was probably the nicest bike route that either of us had ever been on. The downside was the cloud covering blocked the view of all the high peaks of the San Juan Mountain range that we are riding through.


As we rode into Ridgeway it was still raining so we were excited to quickly find shelter at the Adobe Inn and grab a shower. The Adobe Inn is a pueblo style hostel and cantina. It is super cool. Supposedly the Mexican food has been featured on the Rachel Rae show.

After we cleaned up we took a stroll through the historic side of town which has a lot of character. Ridgeway is where the original John Wayne film True Grit was filmed and is also home of the Galloping Goose, a train/bus that was very efficient for the area in comparison to the standard passenger train. Once in operation, it paid for itself in the first month. Pretty impressive.


After walking around town we headed back to the inn and were able to set up a video chat with the Henderson family in Tennessee where they are having what they call “cousin camp”. It is a week where most of the 18 grandchildren come together and are able to spend the week together. There were 17 this year. It was great to get to talk to them about what Team Wooha is doing, why we are doing it, and how we hope that our efforts this summer might change the lives of those less fortunate in Ethiopia. Thanks guys for chatting!

Tomorrow is going to be another grueling day. The plan is to ride to Delores, CO approximately 98 miles away which includes two difficult climbs. We will see how it goes.



2 Responses to The Galloping Goose – Day 37

  1. Phyllis says:

    Oooh, you’re on the good road right now. Nice. I see you’re on your way to Dolores and then on to Dove Creek. An interesting factoid. Dove Creek calls itself the pinto bean capital of the world. Not fond of them myself, but it’s good information to know. 🙂

    The highway through Dove Creek, from Cortez, CO, to Monticello, UT, is US 491. It used to be US 666, a leftover from the Route 66 formation. The locals called it the Devil’s Highway, and people kept stealing the signs. So after much outcry and petitioning, it was changed in 2003. I drove on it when it was 666, after a scary late night drive through nearby towns. But I lived to tell the tale, and so will you.

    You’re doing great.

  2. Mendy says:

    Thanks for taking time for us last night- the cousins will be thrilled that you mentioned them! Praying for you-

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