Telluride – Day 38


The plan today was to ride 98 miles over two passes and into Delores, CO. The famous ski resort town of Telluride was 37 miles from Ridgeway where we started and all of us wanted to see what this town had to offer so we planned to stop there for lunch.

Before leaving Ridgeway, we ate breakfast at Kate’s Place in Ridgeway. It was the typical place that we have been finding in the mornings. You could tell it was a place for the locals just by listening to the conversations that were taking place around you.

As soon as we left town we were thrown right into the first climb up Dallas Pass. It was a beautiful morning just as the mornings have always tended to be. We slowly pedaled to the top taking the opportunities we saw fit to grab a few pictures of the San Juan mountains. At the top the temperature was noticeably lower so we both put on our jackets for the decent down. The descent lead us through a valley filled with Aspen trees and evergreens. I wish a photo could capture their beauty.


The ride into Telluride, CO is another gradually climb that starts in the bottom of the valley and leads you up away from the river. This same climb will also lead us up and over Lizard Head Pass, which stands at 10,890 ft in elevation.


Once into Telluride we were immediately captivated by the scenery, architecture, and the number of bikes! Telluride sits at the base of a huge mountain. As you look down main street and up to the mountain you see two huge waterfalls that run together and form the crystal clear river through town. One of the waterfalls is over 300 ft and is the tallest waterfall in Colorado.


After eating lunch we all agreed we wanted to spend more time here, and to be honest my body was telling me it didn’t want to ride another 61 miles. So we changed our plans, found a campground on the edge of town, and pitched our tents. We did have a slight mishap while setting up our tents. While Cam was driving a stake down it went through his shoe!


We decided we would do a little shopping once we were cleaned up. So we got showers and went back into town. We were continually amazed by the character of this place. We found several bike shops where we picked up a few tubes and a new tire. Then we picked up a few souvenirs here and there.


Later in the evening we took the gondola up to the top of the ski slopes, which is a mountain bikers paradise when there is no snow, and into the mountain village where all the fancy resorts and golf course is at. A ton of money went into making that place but I still enjoyed the uniqueness of town much more. On the way back over we enjoyed the sunset from the top of the mountain and caught a glimpse of Lizard Pass. You can see it’s peak to the left of this picture.


The weather here is a great change. It has allowed us to take a break from the heat that we have experienced thus far. Like I said we had to wear our jackets on the descent to stay warm and tonight it has gotten down into the low 40’s. So we had to break out the down jackets to stay warm. Don’t know if I am ready to leave it and head back into the desert of Utah.

So thankful we took the time to enjoy this town and meet some of the people who live here as well are just visiting. Tomorrow we continue our ride into Delores before we take 3 days off and drive into Denver to visit with some friends and see The Avett Brothers play at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.


2 Responses to Telluride – Day 38

  1. Phyllis says:

    Haven’t been to Telluride but always wanted to go. Been nearby, though, and the area is beautiful. Smart move to stay a while.

    You’re going to Red Rocks?! I have been there, and it’s fabulous, with or without the Avett Brothers. Enjoy!

  2. Carla says:

    Absolutely stunning photos! Thanks for the beautiful tour through Colorado – I can understand your not wanting to leave!

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