The Head of the Lizard – Day 39


As we were rising this morning we realized that it was still very cold. Colder than we wanted to be riding our bikes in at least. Therefore there was only one thing to do…sleep some more in our warm sleeping bags. When the sun started to come up over the mountain we could tell it was beginning to warm up. So we got up and started packing our things and letting everything dry out from the rain from the past afternoon.

While we were packing a gentleman we had run into on the gondola the previous night walked up and said, “you’re not the only ones from North Carolina out here!” Turned out he live in Salisbury and is just out driving around for the time being. Small world.

Once we had grabbed some snacks to eat and packed everything up we headed out of town. If you are riding your bike on the road that leads out of Telluride then you are actually breaking the law. Cyclists are required to ride on the bike path or pay a $15 fine. Another reason why Telluride is a cool place.


Soon as we left town we began climbing Lizard Head pass. The Lizard Head pass was one of the routes that connected several mining towns with the larger towns around it. The summit is 10,222 ft above sea level. When we reached the top we admired the meadows of sheep and the several peaks that lined their boarders.


The wind at the top had picked up and would now haunt us for the rest of the day. Not only was it chilly, it was also coming from the south which meant it would be a headwind.


It was a gradual descent off the top of Lizard Head unlike all the other passes we have come over which have been steep downhills. It was 37 miles of road with a few rolling hills down into the town of Delores. With the wind in our face we had to work much harder than we had planned on doing when we set out this morning. But that is just how things go. Good thing we have such a great support car driver! Amy is the best in the business.


Even though it was a tough ride the scenery was outstanding. Highway 145 ran right along the Delores River carving out the landscape and providing excellent views for us. Once again fly fishermen lined the banks and they looked to be very successful.


We had planned to camp for the night in Delores and then head to Denver, CO for the next couple of days in the morning. However when we got into town we thought, why not just drive tonight and that way we have another full day in Denver? So that is what we are doing…driving. We hit a few bugs on the way.


I am particulary looking forward to the time in Denver off the bike. It is hard to believe that I have been riding for 6 weeks with only 2 days off. It will be nice to have a few days in a row just to chill in Denver and hope to see my friend Tim Twinem and his wife Rebekah. And of course see the Avett Brother’s at Red Rocks!

We would like to say thanks to the four people who found our website searching for “mountain Kentucky hollers” as well as the one person searching for “Joel Edmondson steer wrestler”. Some might recall a post where Joel was mentioned. He was the 1983 world champion. I apologize that you might not have found what you were looking for but hopefully you found our site interesting. Feel free to follow us if you like, in fact we would love for you to!

Our bikes are in great need of a good cleaning!



2 Responses to The Head of the Lizard – Day 39

  1. Phyllis says:

    What a beautiful place! What a great time!

    Be sure to post pictures of Red Rocks. People have to see it to believe it. Have fun!

  2. Natalie says:

    Your pictures are awesome KB! Have a great time in Denver 🙂

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