The mile high city – Day 40

Today was our first of three days in a row off. I love days off! It was a great day of just chilling together and enjoying what this area has to offer.

We began the day with some breakfast at a restaurant that advertised it had satisfactory service for the past 27 years. I think we were all satisfied. The food was excellent! It was a bit pricey for breakfast but it was good!


After we ate we found the hotel we wanted to stay in for the next two nights and lounged around for a bit. Several weeks ago I lost the rubber tip that goes in your ear to my headphones and have been using an earplug that I cut in half. It has been effective but not efficient. I have been trying to find a replacement but with no luck. Now that we were actually in the city, I figured there had to be a Bose store, which there was. So we swung by and picked a new one up.


For three years now I have been wanting to travel to Fort Collins, CO to take a tour of the New Belgium Brewery Company. There are several reasons for the desire to do this. One, it is mine and Amy’s favorite brewery’s. Two, they are super bike friendly. In fact, their company was founded on a bike tour through Europe back in 1985. The majority of the employees ride their bikes to work and at different anniversaries for working their they give you a New Belgium bike cruiser. The third reason is that they strive to be as energy efficient as possible using renewable energy sources to power their brewery. And they are employee owned.


We did not know that their tours filled up as quickly as they do. You have to register two months in advance. However we were able to get one ticket for a tour in the afternoon and proceeded in hopes that we would be able to get two more tickets. When 4:30 rolled around several people didn’t show up and we were able to all get in. The tour was fantastic! It was extremely educational and just an all around good time. Erin, our tour guide who is from Knoxville TN, made the tour what is was. Thanks for such a great time Erin! At the end of the tour you also get to go down a metal spiral slide! Sweet!


As we were standing around in the tasting room and the staff were working towards closing up shop, we began discussing that we were riding our bikes across America to raise money to build wells in Ethiopia and to promote awareness of the water crisis in the world today. They were thrilled to hear of our journey and our efforts. So excited for us that they poured their generosity over us by giving us multiple items from their store for free. Thank you guys so much! It was a pleasure to be able to meet you and spend a little bit of time conversing with you!


When I was in Colorado two years ago snowboarding, my roommate at the time Brandon Todd introduced me to a restaurant called Old Chicago. It is a pizza/pasta place that is amazing. So we hit up one of their locations for dinner. As the times before, the food was outstanding.


One thing that they have is a “little big cookie”. It is a chocolate chip cookie that is baked in a pizza pan. Scrumptious!


Tomorrow we plan to do a few touristy things around Denver. And then tomorrow night is the Avett Brother’s at Red Rocks!

3 Responses to The mile high city – Day 40

  1. Phyllis says:

    What a great day! I hear the Avett Brothers concert at Red Rocks has been sold out for ages. They’re going to broadcast the whole thing on the enormous screen at Charlotte Motor Speedway and allow even more people to enjoy it. Very cool.

    Can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Carla Cozzen says:

    Hope you have a great time at Red Rocks – pray for no storms! As Phyllis says, they are showing it here at the speedway while you are there in person. How cool is that. God bless.


  3. Jimmy Lee says:

    This morning, The Shelby Star has an article about your trip. Enjoyed reading it. Amelia had told me about your plans earlier this spring. Stay safe & enjoy.

    Jimmy @ Wright’s Jewelry

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