A dream come true – Day 41 & 42

I have mentioned in previous post that it has been a dream of mine for several years to see the Avett Brother’s play at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. It was such an amazing experience to have that dream come to reality last night.

During the day we did some running around downtown Denver in the area of 16th street. We ate lunch at Tokyo Joes, another place Brandon introduced to me. After spending some time downtown we headed back to the hotel to chill. Then Cam and Amy went out on a date night while I headed over to Red Rocks for the concert.


There was a lot of anticipation as I drove up the hill and into the parking lot as you looked up at the several large pointed rocks that formed the amphitheater’s outer walls. I walked up the many steps, had my ticket scanned, and proceeded into the amphitheater. It was just as awesome as I had imagined it. It’s hard to described the effect that the natural shape of the rocks have.

The place was already filling up since the show was sold out. I found my way to my seat and admired the view. Red Rocks sits up on on hill where you can look over the stage off in the distance at the city lights of Denver.


The opening act was Grace Potter, she put on a great performance! When she concluded her set their was a slight intermission. The governor of Colorado came on stage and said a few words as he introduced the Avett Brothers.


They played a great set! The energy was high as the crowd danced and sang aloud, typical for an Avett’s show. My legs are more sore today from dancing and jumping around at the show than they have been any day from cycling! They streamed the show to a large crowd that had gathered at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Every time they mentioned Charlotte I made sure to represent and use the lungs that the Lord gave me to scream aloud. The people in front of me did not like me all that well.


It was really cool knowing that you were watching a band that you love so much in another state knowing that they are from 20 minutes down the road from where you live. However I hated the fact that I had felt this sense of pride that I was from where the Avett’s are and had possibly been listening to them for much longer than the majority of the people there. It was so great to communicate with several of my friends that were back in Charlotte watching and conversing about the show as I was there live.


One of the coolest things was the fact that through my network of friends and my friend Mat Roger’s network of friends, the Avett’s knew that I was there and what I was doing. We had hoped for a shout-out but they said they don’t do that sort of thing. Oh well.


After the show last night, I had the pleasure of staying the night with my friend Tim Twinem and his wife Rebekah. It was so great to get up this morning and catch up with them over breakfast.

Today we drove back to Delores, CO to where we left the trail. Eight hours in the car is exhausting but we made it okay. The rest days have been great but it is going to be extremely difficult in the morning to start back riding. The journey continues.


3 Responses to A dream come true – Day 41 & 42

  1. Phyllis says:

    I felt your excitement. There are few things better than a great concert from your favorite performer. And at beautiful Red Rocks, no less! Magical. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope others are enjoying your journey as much as I am.

  2. kari burns anderson says:

    I have heard of Red Rocks and would love to see a concert there. It looks beautiful! However, I have never heard of the Avett Brothers. Let’s discuss!
    Praying for your journey!

  3. Meg says:

    So glad you’re in Utah! Love all three of you!!!!!Mom B

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