Utah, only three more – Day 43

This morning we were awoke to an interesting surprise. When we went to bed last night there was a light thunderstorm that was moving over us. So this morning as we were beginning to move around we were confused by the sound of a large amount of water on the outside of the tent. Amy was the first to exit. At first we only heard a scream. Then we heard, “it’s sprinklers!”.


The night before as we were riding around looking for a place to set up our tent we passed a sheriff on the side of the road. So we stopped and asked him where we could set our tent up. He said to go to the far end of the city park. We thought, “sweet, free camping”. We were a little curious when we got there that there was a sign that said “no camping” but we figured the sheriff sent us there so it would be alright. Since it was dark outside we did not notice that there were sprinklers in the area. So early this morning they came on and we happen to be in their path.

After we got everything out of the sprinklers path, dried out, and packed up we grabbed breakfast in town then hit the road. Today’s ride was pretty uneventful. We are officially out of the major mountains and have entered into the desert land of Utah. We only have two more states after Utah to ride through! The road consisted of some rolling hills today that were just annoying and there wasn’t too much to the landscape in the area of scenery. Hopefully that will change in the next few days.


It was really tough for both of us to start back riding today. I think multiple days off in a row actually did more harm than good. We were constantly having to take stretch breaks because our muscles were so tight. Cam is doing one of his favorite stretches here.


We grabbed lunch at a sweet cafe in Dove Creek. The last town in Colorado we would pass through. The food and service were amazing! It was so quaint. It was called Wild Coffee Cafe. They had actually turned one of the rooms to a motel into the cafe.


We had planned to ride 86 mile to Blanding, Utah today, but our bodies told us different and we stopped 60 mile down the road in Monticello. This actually works better because after Blanding there is not anything for 124 miles except two campsites. The best thing about ending early was that we finally had time to clean our bikes! Which we spent two hours doing. They were so dirty that we had to take them through the car wash first and rinse all the road scum off.


We did run into two other cyclists today, Seth and Mel. They left from San Francisco 16 days ago and the information they shared with us about where we are heading was extremely helpful. I hope our information was as helpful to them as theirs was to us.

Tomorrow the plan is to ride 55 miles to the Natural Bridges National Monument and camp there. We are all pretty excited about camping by the natural bridges!

8 Responses to Utah, only three more – Day 43

  1. Randy says:

    One should be careful were thou pitch thou tent!!!!!!!!

  2. Phyllis says:

    So you got past the Devil’s Highway unscathed. Good job.

  3. Greg & Francie Wild. says:

    Thank you guys for stopping on your trek past us. Happy to have you here and glad you enjoyed it. Good luck and have fun on the continuation.
    Greg and Francie at Wild Coffee.

  4. Greg & Francie Wild. says:

    Thanks for calling by and glad you enjoyed our fare.
    Good luck and have fun on your continuation.
    Greg and Francie, Wild Coffee

  5. Meg says:

    I bet you thought you were in SOME storm!!!! Hope you enjoy Natural Bridges- looks cool in my atlas. Tell Amy I enjoyed the picture. Keep on stretching!!!!! Mom

  6. Hey! Monticello is where I got a speeding ticket! I never paid it so they said I could never come back! It’s a good thing I’m not with you!

  7. Will says:

    I think you guys may have just met the most clever deputy ever. He’s probably still laughing about how he told some nincumpoops to put there tents by the sprinklers. Wish I was out there with you guys.

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