Glen Canyon – Day 45


Today we did get up and start moving around pretty early, however it still took quite along time to get on our bikes and on the road for the day. We grabbed a quick bite at camp and then headed out to Lake Powell, 45 miles away where we would stop for lunch. Since we did manage to start a little earlier than usual the weather was nice and cool and the wind hadn’t picked up yet so the ride to the Lake Powell area went by very quickly.


Once we got to the lake we stopped at a small gas station, bought some drinks and chips and sat in the station and ate our sandwiches. Once we were done with lunch we stepped outside to get ready for the afternoon ride and a crazy storm rolled in on top of us. Within no time the rain started and there were huge gusts of wind that had picked up lots of desert sand. We made a dash for the car and waited out the storm.


Once the storm had passed it was time to ride the rest of the way through Glen Canyon. This consisted of lots of up and down terrain and some amazing bridges that covered the Colorado River, and the Dirty Devil river. The ride and the views were fantastic!


Once we finally got out of the canyon we realized that we were in the middle of the desert still 27 miles from the next town and it was really starting to get HOT! We took on lots of water and took a few breaks in whatever shade we could find, and in no time we were in the lovely town of Hanksville, UT.


Hanksville is home to Hollow Mountain! It is a gas station that they built by hollowing out a mountain. So the is no building. You walk straight through the door and you are inside the mountain. Pretty interesting.


We set up our tents in the Red Rocks campground, took a long overdue shower, and then walked 10 feet to the only resturaunt in town to eat dinner.

Tomorrow’s goal is to get up and start riding earlier so we can ride 87 miles into Boulder, Ut.


5 Responses to Glen Canyon – Day 45

  1. Phyllis says:

    Hidden like that in the side of the mountain, how on earth are people able to find that Hollow Mountain store? Perhaps you should have suggested that they put up a sign. 😛

  2. traci says:

    Amazing pics—I am so proud of you guys!

  3. Meg says:

    This terrain looks alot like Monument Valley where all the old cowboy movies were made! Hope today Thursday-isn’t to grueling!
    Love, Mom

  4. Taralyn says:

    There were MANY MANY movies made in Wayne County Utah in the old Cowboy Movie Days… You will driving right past Notom Road (We own Notom Ranch and Notom Ranch B&B) Please PLEASE be oh so careful on HWY 24.. While I admire people who bike. HWY 24 is in NO way made for bikers… It’s Oh so Dangerous and Blind turns.. I have serious almost hit several Bikers this year.. And I don’t even Drive the full Speed Limit through the Park. Good Luck in all you do and Please be Safe…

  5. Phyllis says:

    Yes, Monument Valley isn’t far away. I love Monument Valley. I have a poster of the Twin Rocks in my living room. Take care on the highway.

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