Natural Bridges! – Day 44


Today we slept in much longer than anticipated because there were no sprinklers in sight. Once we rose from our tents we packed up and had some breakfast and took off towards the Natural Bridges national monument.


It was supposed to be an easy ride into the park with plenty of time to spare for sightseeing once we arrived at the Natural Bridges. We knocked out the first 25 miles pretty quickly and stopped for a bite in Blanding, UT. I, Cam, had my first ever breakfast quesadilla and it was impressive. At the end of our breakfast this extremely old Ute Indian walked up to us and pointed at Karey and said “you should be called arrowhead” and she chuckled and walked away, so if any of you run into him that should be his nickname for the rest of his life.

After we finished breakfast we started to head out of town and realized there was an amazing dinosaur museum. So of course we had to stop! After touring around in the museum we realized that we really needed to get on the road. We still had a good amount of riding left and we all wanted to do some sight seeing.


According to our maps it was supposed to be a few hills with roughly ten miles downhill but that wasn’t the case. The ride into the park was much harder than anticipated and we are both worried about riding 93 miles tomorrow in this terrain.


One thing that we did stop to check out was an Anasazi Indian ruin site. It is crazy how they built their dwellings in the the side of a cliff!


Once we finally got into the park and got everything set up we headed out to see the natural bridges. They were amazing, it was really cool to think about how a river carved these huge arches over millions of years.



The plan for tomorrow is to be on the road as early as we can and knock out 93 miles to Hanksville, UT. We will see how it goes!



73 Responses to Natural Bridges! – Day 44

  1. So exciting! I’ve been to the dinosaur museum & was at the Anasazi Indian dwellings back when they would let people walk through them & when we still referred to them as Navajo Indians. It is fun to hear your excitment about the same place that i was excited to discover years ago..And I hope we preserve them so that one day our grand children and great grandchildren will be just as excited to discover! Our country is full of surprises and rich rewards for the adenturer!

  2. Meg says:

    Ride ’em “Arrowhead”
    Loved seeing the Anasazi cliff dwellings-alot like Mesa Verde- (remember Cam?) Natural Bridges-BEAUTIFUL!! Love ya guys! Mom

  3. Phyllis says:

    Cliff dwellings are fascinating. What blows my mind is that these people lived there for hundreds and hundreds of years. Mesa Verde in nearby Colorado is an incredible example of cliff dwellings.

    And moving on through Glen Canyon and across the Colorado River next. Looking forward to more pics.

  4. Oh my gosh…the textures and colors and shapes in these pix are so cool. The artwork produced by Mother Nature astounds me…(and congrats on your ability to capture it all beautifully!).

  5. rf401 says:

    Congrats on being freshly pressed, great shots, looks like a cool place


  6. Magnificent rock formations! I hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure.

  7. I love the allure of the rocks in West Texas, AZ and UT! They are immense and free to occupy all the space they need. Nothing crowding them. Wonderful post!

  8. Lakia Gordon says:

    The last picture is PRICELESS lol

  9. Wonderful – and dangerous? – Natural Bridges national monument.

  10. Amazing place and great photos!

  11. Thanks for sharing – I like the last pic – too funny:) Congrats on being FP! It is amazing how the rivers formed the Natural Bridges and how the people lived back in the day.

  12. dobosh14 says:

    really nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. bercton says:

    Awesome photos of nature!

  14. jswesner says:

    very exciting!

  15. About 10 years ago I took almost this identical trip driving from Salt Lake City to Sedona Arizona. Fantastic pictures!

  16. costlyopportunities says:

    These are amazing!

  17. Harold says:

    Nice pics, have a good ride and congrats on being FP!

  18. newsy1 says:

    I haven’t seen these cliff dwellings but I have been to Mesa Verde and they are phenomenal. Your pix are terrific.

  19. sweety300 says:

    It was a nice shot perfectly done it….tnx for sharing.. what a beautiful creation of God.

  20. Nice trip! I bet those views were glorious and awe inspiring! Nice job on your blog, thanks for sharing about your great trip!

    – Spiritual Troop

  21. leadinglight says:

    Great pics…especially the last. Natural wonders never cease to amaze.

  22. mum says:

    Great stuff, good pics and happy story line.. Your country looks amazing!

  23. moss says:

    nice location . will come too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. CONIEFOX says:

    very beautiful nature landscape!!Great shot!

  25. Awesome post and pictures!

  26. Haha, the last photo is really awesome!

  27. fazza76 says:

    Wow – that looks amazing – one day when I win the Lottery I’ll travel around the world and I’d love to visit the Natural Bridges national monument as it looks such a wonderful place.

  28. lycon[MANOJ] says:

    I love it

  29. Kathlene Audette says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip through redrock country! I’m always proud of how beautiful our state is:

    If anyone’s interested in learning more about what can be done to protect these places and make sure they stay beautiful for future generations, check out Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance at

  30. pezcita says:

    You were so lucky to see all this beautiful landscape in person! How did you do the second picture up from the bottom?

  31. semicharmed says:

    That’s beautiful!

  32. Great pictures and congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  33. very beautiful pics and Nice trip.

  34. jagger says:

    Great story! Great pics!

  35. Love the pictures. Have a nice ride!

  36. Kathlene Audette says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, when you’re in Hanksville, you should stop by Mesa Farm Market. Really great local food.

  37. You got beautiful images!

  38. Looks like a great trip you are having, thanks for taking us along!

    Congrats on being Freshly Arrowheaded…oops I mean Freshly Pressed.

    Have a great day!

    Mr. Bricks

  39. antoniopinon says:

    I liked the photos!

  40. eva626 says:

    nature is so cool!!!!!!!!!

  41. egafismawan says:

    wow it’s cool

  42. Yes, a wonderful trip and nice pictures. Tq

  43. i liked reading this post, sounds like a nice day you had ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. wrecmom says:

    I love your photos! You all did a great job, and looks like you had some fun as well.

  45. gaycarboys says:

    This really is amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing with us

  46. clickhappy says:

    Now I want to go. Great post.

  47. Wow! so cool! i wish i can go there also!

  48. nokyoong2 says:

    Amazing photos! im making jewelry, and believe it or not these photos give me ideas for my new rings! thanks!

  49. Aisiri says:

    the pic where you were giving some pose if funny ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice post!

  50. In Western Europe The Grass is Juicy says:

    The pictures are just marvelous!!
    I love them!

  51. rodneal85 says:

    i love this kind of adventure ๐Ÿ™‚ congratulations!

    manila, philippines

  52. Wonderful pictures, friend. Good luck, Josan.

  53. jamieonline says:

    Wow – what a brilliant place to visit. Loving the action shot. Well written (easy to read). I shared in on Twitter, I hope that more people enjoy reading too.

  54. Great shots, I specially liked the Anasazi Indian ruin site. I plan to visit that some day.

  55. My grandfather always called Utah “God’s Country” and when I visited, I understood.

  56. fionaqiqi says:

    looks COOL!

  57. A very informative article and the pictures are nice too. This is the works of nature, and hope many more pictures.

  58. ennospace says:

    The nature can always creat many beautiful views, great pictures! especially the one that you jump, hahaha~ it is cool!

  59. Cuong says:

    nice pics ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. palamidi says:

    Awesome post and pictures…!

  61. trialsinfood says:

    wow, the bridges are amazing!

  62. maryeugene7 says:

    Wow, this is really cool.. i love traveling though i need to save for the expenses, but i surely want to go there.. badly.. i want to go there… AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH……. Nice entry..

  63. Paula Grove, RPLU says:

    I have not heard about this park before this post. At the beginning I thought it was Arches National Park. Love the West!

  64. Simply love the pictures, nice work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. very interesting story, the last photo is really awesome! Great. ๐Ÿ™‚

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