Boulder Mountain – Day 46


We rose to the usual chilly morning just before the sun was up. We began packing everything up attempting to not bring any of the mosquitos we were attacked by the night before with us. Once we were almost packed up, we walked over and grabbed breakfast at the same restaurant that we ate dinner at the night before.


After breakfast we realized that Cam, had a small leak in his front tire. We knew it was going to be a long day so we made the plan that I would start riding while Cam fixed the tire and Amy would drive him to meet up with me. It was a great plan because we didn’t finish the day until late!


The morning ride was a gradual climb into the town of Torrey. It took us through Capital Reef National Park, Fruita, and shortly into Dixie National Forest. The Capital Reef was really interesting. It is crazy how years and years of weather can expose so many interesting things!


Fruita is an area that was inhabited in the late 1800’s and it’s inhabits built and planted many orchards of fruit. The area is now managed by the government. You are welcome to stop and eat some fruit from the orchards but the sad thing was the only fruit that is currently in season here apricot.


After we had ridden 50 miles to Torrey we grabbed some lunch at a small coffee shop and cafe. Their panini’s were excellent. They also had some caramel samples out. You can’t let caramel samples go to waste! I lost count at how many we “sampled”.

As much as we wanted to quit for the day in Torrey, we had much more riding to do for the day. Once we left Torrey, the route went up Boulder Mountain. A 5,000 ft climb with an average of 9% grade. Not an easy task. It was long and grueling but we slowly kept the pedals turning and made it to the summit.


Through the Capital Reef it was hot and dry. Now on the summit of Boulder Mountain the wind was blowing and it was 60 degrees. It was pretty chilly. We both had to break out the jackets and warmer clothing. Especially for the 10 mile descent at 40 mph into Boulder for the night. Once we started climbing it was like we entered a whole new world. In the morning everything was rocky and sandy. As soon as we hit the climb everything turned to green grass and tall evergreen pines! I thought we were back in Colorado!


It was a long day of riding so when we reached Boulder it was starting to get late. We had checked into the Circle Cliffs Motel. A place that rivaled Linda’s Bed and Breakfast back in Virginia. We grabbed some showers and headed over to a restaurant that we had heard tons about and wanted to check out, Hell’s Backbone Grill.


Hell’s Backbone Grill has been featured on Oprah and the New York Times. It is a small organic restaurant nestled just off the road on a lush plot of land. All the veggies, fruit, etc are grown on the property. All the meat comes from local ranchers in the Boulder area except for the fish. They have to get it from Colorado because of the mercury in the water in Utah.


Our waitress was Stacie, who moved here from Hendersonville, NC. She was awesome! Cam had the pork chop. Amy had the goat cheese fettucini. And I had the trout. All of us commented that this was probably the best restaurant that we have eaten at thus far. I would recommend it to anyone that ever travels through the area.

Tomorrow the plan is to ride 66 miles to Tropic. Apparently there are some narrow canyons you can walk through in the town of Esclante. We hope to spend a little time there and explore those.


One Response to Boulder Mountain – Day 46

  1. Phyllis says:

    That bike trail certainly takes you on a circuitous route. A scenic one, but a long and winding road.

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