You could die out here… – Day 47

Before we tell you all of our adventures from today we would like to take this time to comment on a few things. Something extremely exciting happened today! Many of you have probably only been to our website and never to Well, every weekday WordPress selects ten blogs to feature on their homepage. These blogs are chosen for various reasons but most are due to their uniqueness and content. We would like to announce that today we made their selection!


This is huge for us. Not only does it affirm that we are writing something worthwhile that people care to read but the amount of traffic that this drives to our site and exposes people to our fundraising efforts and our mission to inform people of the water crisis in Ethiopia is incredible. For example today’s traffic has been over ten times more visitors than our daily average!

To those that are visiting for the first time…Welcome! Thanks for reading! We would also like to just thank all those that continually support us by following our journey each and everyday! Your support is humbling.

Now on to today’s adventure!


This morning we left the Circle Cliffs Motel and decided that the Hell’s Backbone Grill was so good the night before that we would eat there again for breakfast. And once again, it did not fail us. So good!

I failed to mention yesterday that Boulder, Utah was the last town in the contiguous United States to receive their mail by way of train or automobile. They received their mail by mule up until 1940 which was a three day journey.


With food in our bellies and the calories we needed we hit the road. Today’s route had several different characteristics to it that we have not seen thus far. Several miles outside of Boulder you enter a section of road called “the hogback”.


It is approximately ten miles long, has no shoulder, and the banks on the sides of the road are long, steep, rocky drop offs. Halfway across it, it begins a descent at 14% for 4 miles! One of the most exciting signs we have ever seen!


Once you have made your way through the hogback, you come to a section called “the million dollar” road. This section is a long windy road with steep climbs up and over multiple sections of sandstone. It is called the million dollar road because it apparently cost that to build back in the 1950’s. It is also rumored to be called that cause it gives you million dollar views and people say they wouldn’t drive it again for a million dollars!


After we made it up and over the mountain, it was a straight shot into Esclante where we had planned to stop for lunch and visit the slot canyons. When we got there we realized that the canyons were farther outside the town than we thought. So we were faced with two options…to stay in Esclante tonight and still go to the canyons or ride on to Tropic as planned and skip the canyons. We chose to divert the original plan and stay. How many times do you get to walk through a slot canyon!

It was a 26 mile drive down a dirt road called “hole in the rock” road. Good thing Cam and Amy just got a Subaru! We were so far out that Egypt was only 10 miles away.


After the drive it was a couple mile hike to the canyons. There were three right together; Peek A Boo Slot, Peek A Boo Arches, and Spooky Slot. It was awesome walking through them jumping over rocks and squeezing between the canyon walls. Some parts were pretty challenging. I could have played in there all day!



Then of course navigating in between the canyons through the desert sand was a task in itself.


On the way to the canyons we stopped at a spot called, “the Devil’s Garden”. It is an area which large sandstone rock sculptures that have formed in the middle of the desert. Here again I could have played all day running from rock to rock and jumping over the crevasses and finding new ways to weave in and out of them.



Needless to say our plans changed quite a bit today but it was all worth it! Tomorrow we plan to ride to Panguitch. However plans are always subject to change!



7 Responses to You could die out here… – Day 47

  1. Phyllis says:

    Yes, indeed, one could die out there. When I used to travel a lot out there, my friend and I often joked that someday people would find our bleached bones. You made the right decision to explore that awesome place. But tomorrow — or is it today? — the route takes you by beautiful Bryce Canyon, and you may need to give in to some more sightseeing.

  2. Maryanne says:

    Love, love, love this post and pictures!!! Our family LOVES Utah and slot canyons!! Makes us want to head west a.s.a.p.!!! We are praying for you every day- keep up the good work!

  3. Just discovered the “Sattelite” view of Track My Tour…(I’d been looking at “Map.”) WHOA! Utah’s sots, valleys, and canyons & honeycombs are astonishing from 5 miles up! -Ellen

  4. Heather Clarke says:

    These are some awesome pictures! I’ve never been to Utah but might need to make a trip sometime soon!

  5. Carla Cozzen says:

    Fabulous on your being recognized the the WordPress folks. For those newcomers to your journey — go back through the pages and experience everything from the beginning! It is a fantastic journey and well told by our narrator. God Bless Karey and Cam.

  6. In Western Europe The Grass is Juicy says:

    These pictures are amazing! Nature shows us once again how beautiful life can be!

  7. kristanreeve says:

    So is that near where the guy cut off his arm? It looks like the movie! I wanted to be I. Those pics with you! That looked so awesome!

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