Back on the road…Milford – Day 50 & 51


Yesterday we took a rest day in Cedar City, Utah and it was exactly that. We slept as late as we could before the sun got so hot on our tents it turned them into saunas. Then we packed up and ate breakfast at a cafe before checking into a hotel for the night. Once checked in we found a massage therapy school in town and all got a hour long massage. Glorious! Next we grabbed lunch and I rode to a local coffee shop while Cam and Amy drove around town to see what it had to offer. We met back up and got some dinner before making our way back to the hotel to enjoy an evening in their hot tub. Yep…pretty good rest day if you ask me.


Today we rode from Cedar City to Milford. A total of 55 miles. To be honest, it might have been the lamest day of riding thus far. The terrain started looking a bit like Kansas again with some desert thrown in there.

As we left Cedar City we rode gradually downhill for approximately 13 miles or so then it began to go uphill. We climbed gradually to 6500 before reaching the summit. It was pretty hot on the road but there was some occasional cloud cover which we were very thankful for.


After the summit it was downhill all the way into Milford for the most part. The descent was a lot of fun and was super fast. Cam and I are both getting much better at descending and are looking forward to the next time we race in NC to see if we have improved any.

Halfway down the mountain was a town called Minersville which we stopped and meet up with Amy for a picnic in the city park. Delicious as always!


After lunch we busted it on down to Milford. We managed to ride the 55 miles in 2.5 hours of riding time. Not too bad. As we came into town there was a large hill up and over a bridge that we figured we could find our way around. The road we took was the old road but put us in the middle of a train yard. There was an extremely long train starting to pull out so we hurried and grabbed our bikes and carried them across the tracks just beating the train.


The great thing is that it has given us the afternoon to chill in the city park of Milford where we will be camping tonight. The pool has public swim from 6-8 so I think that will do for our showers tonight.


Tomorrow looks like it is going to be a pretty long day. It is 84 miles from here until Baker just across the Nevada border. During those 84 miles there are no services such as food or water. So hopefully we can get ourselves moving and get on the road pretty early and beat some of the heat.



3 Responses to Back on the road…Milford – Day 50 & 51

  1. Roberta says:

    I lived in So. Utah for about fours years. I have memories of going camping with Native youth in Baker and visiting caverns..Great photos!

  2. Phyllis says:

    You made a so-called ‘lame’ day very interesting. Great pics!

  3. Indeed, this is a wonderful scene with many beautiful pictures. I hope your journey is successful, capturing wonderful pictures.

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