Welcome to Nevada – Day 52


We actually managed to get out of bed and get rolling early! We were warned late last night that there were water sprinklers that do come on in the middle of the night so we decided to move our tents under the shelter they had in their park. That meant that we did have to sleep on concrete, but we also were able to get out of bed without being soaked.


Once we were up we had a quick breakfast and got on the road by 6:30. We had a pretty long day ahead of us, 84 miles and 3 pretty big climbs all with summits over 6,000 ft. Everything went pretty well, then lunch time came. Since we were in the middle of the dessert and there were no towns around Amy had to meet us and make sandwiches. Once we were done with lunch all three of us realized that we were pretty tired since we got up so early, so we all proceeded to take a nap! We all fell asleep for about an hour right in the middle of the dessert, on the side of the road.


Once we finally woke up we realized we needed to get done because it was really starting to heat up, so we mounted our bikes and took off. We had about 35 miles left after lunch to get to the Nevada border so we buckled down and tried to get there as quickly as possible. The great thing about the Nevada border is that we crossed over into the Pacific Time Zone!


Past the border it was only an 8 mile ride into the town of Baker, Nevada. Once we got into town we realized it was going to be tough to find a place to stay so we opted to get a motel room at the Silver Jack Inn. Our accommodations are interesting to say the least! We are staying the night in what appears to be an old mobile home that has been split into thirds. Attached to the motel is a restaurant, so we decided to have dinner there, the food was excellent!

Tomorrow the plan is to ride 63 miles to Ely, NV where we plan on doing some gambling!

Just call Cam “Mark Cavendish”.



5 Responses to Welcome to Nevada – Day 52

  1. Phyllis says:

    I don’t remember anywhere in Nevada being that green. Very good pictures.

  2. Carla Cozzen says:

    Yay!!! Pacific time! 🙂 I traveled through Nevada several times as a kid and remember what seemed like long, long stretches between towns — that was in a car! I cannot imagine on a bike. You are power houses! Thanks for all the great photos.

    Hope you win big in Ely!

  3. Roberta says:

    Happy trails! I have a bike, I will have to dust if off.I am inspired!

  4. Will Morrow says:

    Can I call Cam the Manx Missile?

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