Eureka!!! – Day 54


Today we woke up at our usual time, however we had decided last night that we weren’t going to start riding till later in the day. We were instead going to watch the deciding stage in this years Tour de France! Karey and I are huge cycling fans, and we have managed to keep up with the tour in bits and peices, but this morning we got to lay around and watch the second half of the stage; it was wonderful!

While we were watching the race we decided to order room service, something that Karey has never done! It was a nice touch to the lazy morning we had.

After the tour was over we started our actual routine and got everything ready to ride for the day. We finally got rolling around 10 and we made our way to Eureka, NV.


The ride today was 77 miles, it had 4 passes we had to climb, 3 of which were over 7,000 feet. To make things worse there was a pretty severe headwind, which definitely made us work harder than we needed to! So far Nevada has been incredibly interesting for cycling, I am pretty certain we haven’t ridden on one section of flat road, it is either uphill, or downhill.


One great thing that happened today was a lovely and thoughtful couple pulled up beside us offering a Snickers and a Gatorade. Had we not just eaten on the side of the road we would have taken them up on there offer. Needless to say we thank you very much for the offer and thinking about us as you passed us on the road.


Once we arrived into town we headed over to the city pool where we got to swim and shower for $1. Quite a deal! Why is it $8 in Charlotte to use a pool? After getting cleaned up we set up for the night in the city park, made dinner and got ready for bed.


Tomorrow should be a little easier day, it is 68 miles to Austin, NV. And there should a lot less climbing!

One thing you have to do when you are riding a long day and it is hot is be sure to relax. We do our best at making sure we do that sometimes.


Official tour predictions, for those who care!

Cam predicts: Cadel Evans, Andy Shleck, then Frank Shleck, With Tony Martin taking the stage win.

Karey predicts: Andy Shleck, Cadel Evans, Alberto Contador, With Fabian Cancellara taking the stage.


4 Responses to Eureka!!! – Day 54

  1. Carla Cozzen says:

    My prediction for the Tour de U.S. Summer 2011 – Karey Digh and Cam Bumgarner tie as they cross the Golden Gate!

  2. Will Morrow says:

    who won the brown jersey?

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