The historic Hotel Nevada – Day 53


Today we got up and enjoyed a relaxing breakfast in the cool morning air. Cam and Amy drove ahead and took care of some business things so I was on the road by myself today. Sort of ironic since we would turn onto Hwy 50 “the loneliest road in America”.


I left Baker and reached Hwy 50 about 5 miles out of town. It was 61 miles to Ely with no services in between. It would be a long ride as the route took me over two large climbs, Sacramento Pass and Conner’s Pass.


The weather was hot today and I had to battle the wind the entire day. Needless to say it was a rough day. One cool thing that happened was as I was riding down Hwy 50 I stopped for a minute to listen and look around. I could see for 10-12 miles in both directions. There was no one in sight. You could hear everything as it was so quiet. Definitely made it feel like the loneliest road.


Once I got to Ely, I met back up with Cam and Amy. We decided that we would stay at the historical Hotel Nevada given it’s history. It’s pretty awesome!


There is a casino on the first floor so we plan on playing a few slots before we leave tomorrow.


Tomorrow’s ride will be another long day. It is 78 miles to the next town with 4 climbs on the way there.



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