No more loneliness – Day 57


With Cam’s bike still messed up, I got up and hit the road. It was 81 miles to Lake Tahoe. The nice thing about the day was that we now were out of the areas where there was nothing and there were towns every 10-15 miles. Not needing to stop and check on me allowed Cam and Amy to run ahead to Carson City to the bike shop in order to get his wheel fixed.

The ride was the typical day through Nevada. As the day went on, the wind got stronger and stronger and the temperature got hotter and hotter. I had ridden 50 miles and was 11 miles outside of Carson when I got a rear flat. I had dodged scrap metal, car parts, tires, pocket knives, bolts, razor blades, and many other various things. However, I wasn’t able to dodge this tack.


After changing the tire, I headed down the road into the wind and met up with Cam and Amy for lunch in Carson. We had 14 more miles to Lake Tahoe. Once outside of Carson, the vegetation began to change and the valley opened up to vast green lands. It was beautiful!


Once we got into Tahoe we grabbed quick showers and headed down to the lake where my friends Brandon and Brandi were having an engagement party that we were invited to.


I have to say that a celebration on the beach of a glacier lake surrounded by snow capped mountains with tons of food and lots of new friends was a great way to spend the evening!


They even brought out a pinata! You know when that comes out it is a great party!


Tomorrow we are taking the day off to enjoy Lake Tahoe some more. Should be an epic day off!



One Response to No more loneliness – Day 57

  1. mbfc2878 says:

    I love Lake Tahoe! One of the prettiest places on earth. You surely picked a great place for a day off. Have fun.

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