Lake Tahoe – Day 58


Today we arose to a beautiful morning here in Lake Tahoe! The air was warm from the morning sunshine and the sky was about as blue as the lake’s water.


We drove down the mountain and grabbed some breakfast at a small Thai place where Brandon and his dad, Lynn, happen to already be as well. After breakfast we picked up some snacks and headed to the beach for the rest of the morning. Beautiful!


Words don’t really capture how beautiful this place is and neither do pictures. The colors are so vibrant! Speaking of vibrant, while at the beach, Cam and I both got sunburnt and are feeling it tonight.

Once we were burnt to a crisp and had cooled off in the clear glacier water we took a trip around the lake over to Emerald Bay. And we thought that the beach was beautiful. This place was just as amazing.


There is a water fall called Eagle Falls that runs down into the bay which has an emerald look to the water.


A few facts about Lake Tahoe. It is the third deepest lake in North America reaching 1600 feet. The water is so clear that you can see objects 67 feet down into the water. There are tons of rivers and streams that feed into the lake but only one outlet, the Truckee River. And the water from Lake Tahoe never reaches the ocean.

Tonight we decided to chance our luck at the Lake Tahoe Harrah’s Casino. We ate dinner on the 18th floor of the place which was an all you can eat buffet. Then headed back downstairs to the slots and gaming floor. After an hour of play between the three of us we only lost $3. Not that bad of odds if you ask me. If only I had played 3 credits instead of 1.


Tomorrow’s route calls for a long 100 mile day to Placerville, CA. That’s right….California! But we believe that we have found a way to shorten the route to 60 miles.

Huge thanks to Brandon and Brandi for opening up their place to us and for the hospitality!


3 Responses to Lake Tahoe – Day 58

  1. mbfc2878 says:

    High temp in Lake Tahoe for July 27 is forecast for 81 F. Low for tonight, 43 F.
    By contrast, high temp here in the western NC piedmont is forecast to range between 95 and 97. The heat index will be will over 100.
    I suspect a number of locals here will be enjoying your photos and thinking of the lovely shores of Lake Tahoe.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Air quality here is bad, too, not to mention the humidity. Dreaming of the pristine water and clear air of the Lake Tahoe area.

  3. Meg says:

    Next family vacation-Lake Tahoe!!! Beautiful!

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