California…here we come! – Day 59


It was sad to have to leave Lake Tahoe, but San Francisco awaits us. We rolled out this morning around 7:30am. The “B’s” live on top of Kingsburry Grade at an elevation of 7500 feet. The original route had us going back down away from Tahoe and taking Hwy 206 and 88 to Placerville, CA. However that would have been over 100 miles for the day and much more climbing since we would drop about 3000 feet going down Kingsburry Grade. Instead we decided to go the other way down Kingsburry Grade and take Hwy 50 to Placerville, which is 40 miles shorter and less climbing.

Kingsburry Grade was approximately a 6 mile descent with up to 9% grade. Needless to say that early in the morning the temperatures were in the 50’s so it was pretty cold riding 40 mph down it! Once at the bottom of the hill, it was only two intersections away until the California state line!


After taking a few pictures, we rode Hwy 50 through town and then took a road that paralleled 50 for about 8 miles. Then we meet up with Amy at this awesome cafe called The Getaway Cafe. Such a pleasant morning and amazing breakfast.


As soon as we left the Gateway we made our way up our major climb for the day, Echo Summit. They were doing a bunch of construction which worked out perfect for us because we could wait till the end of the line of cars and jump in and not have any traffic behind us for quite some time. There were several different times that this same thing happened.


The descent was beautiful. It took us down the mountain side past a few waterfalls and into the valley along the river. The sun was hot but the shade from the Ponderosa Pines and the cool air from the river were a great touch to the day.


Once out of the valley and as we continued to get closer and closer to Placerville, we began seeing lots of vineyards and orchards. Which I assume we will see more and more of the as the next couple days go by.


One thing that did happen today is I had what in the professional cycling world one would call a “mechanical”. One of the spokes on my rear wheel unthreaded from the nipple that connects it to the rim causing a wobble all day. There are three things that I do not trust myself to do on a bike in regards to maintenance. Truing the wheels is one of those. This also means that I don’t trust many people to do it either. The slightest mishap can completely ruin the wheel for good. So I am pretty nervous as I had to take it to a bike shop here in Placerville.


Tomorrow we ride into Davis, CA which claims to be the cycling capital of America. There is a 2.1 bike ratio to every person and the Cycling Hall of Fame and museum is there. We are pretty excited about it!




3 Responses to California…here we come! – Day 59

  1. Phyllis says:

    Ah, the glorious Sierra Nevada!

    If I’m reading the bike map correctly, you’ll be going right through the town of Folsom and less than a mile from Folsom Prison.

    And right through Sacramento.

    Looking forward to pictures of San Francisco, which is in my opinion the most beautiful city in the US.

  2. Randy says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of days. Packing for SF. Be safe and stay out of the vineyards.

  3. Randy says:

    Oh yeah, it’s been 40 years we were in SF, and yes it is a beautiful city.

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