Bike paths galore – Day 60


Today the plan was to ride to Davis, CA. We would ride just over 60 miles. Since it wouldn’t be that long of a day we hung around Placerville for a bit eating breakfast and stopping at other bike shops. Once we got our fill, we hit the road.

It was already beginning to heat up. The roads out of Placerville were nice in terms of traffic but their surface was extremely rough. Cam and I both made the comment that it will be nice to have our carbon handlebars when we get back to North Carolina.

The coolest thing that we passed today was Folsom State Prison. We sang Johnny Cash all day.


After riding up and down over rolling hills we made our way to the outskirts of Sacramento where we picked up the Great American River Bike Path. The path took us over 30 miles to the other side of Sacramento. Plus…no traffic! The downside about a bike path is it is designed to be safe. It makes a lot of bends and has a lot of small up and down hills. This causes you to have to slow down and stay at a safe speed. This is great if you are riding an afternoon joy ride. But when you are riding long distance and are slowed down it makes the day long.


In the morning we realized that there was a Chick-Fil-A in Sacramento. However it was several miles off route. So we begged Amy to make the trip so we could devour it’s deliciousness for lunch. Thanks to Amy and her extreme patience with us and Sacramento traffic, we enjoyed what we have missed so much.


After lunch we finished riding on the bike path and entered Old Sacramento. It was pretty cool. Train stations and old piers lined the river way.


Shortly after leaving Old Sacramento we entered another bike path that would parallel the highway and take us to Davis. It was a long straight stretch of concrete.


When we were about 2 miles out of Davis Cam got a front flat due to a thorn. This was an emotional stab in the side. We had already been on the road riding for close to six hours. It was almost 6:30pm. My cyclometer’s temperature topped at 118 heat index on the road today. And we had ridden 71 miles at this point instead of the anticipated 61. We were tired and so close to where we were staying. We sucked it up and got it changed and rode into town.

Tomorrow we are taking a day off here in Davis to check out the bike scene. We have traveled 3773 miles and are only 75 miles away from San Francisco! It is crazy that we will ride into San Francisco on Sunday!



3 Responses to Bike paths galore – Day 60

  1. Phyllis says:

    Eureka! I knew you’d go by Folsom. Cool.
    Won’t be long now!

  2. I agree – Chick-fil-a is worth the effort!

  3. Mendy says:

    Almost there! I know it has to be bittersweet! Praying for you guys-

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