Bittersweet thoughts – Day 61


Yesterday was our last rest day of our trip. We spent the day walking around Davis enjoying the atmoshpere. We got to swim, relax, and eat lots of great food including several cupcakes!


We had planned to visit the US Bicycling Hall of Fame but it was closed. We had roughly 60 miles to ride to Vallejo so we figured we could visit it this morning before we started riding. The museum was really well done. It had three floors. The main floor was more of a greeting area with just a few things displayed. The top floor had a lot of memorabilia and plaques from inductees over the years. And the bottom floor walked you through the evolution of the bicycle.


The ride today was the last real one of our trip. It would total 69 miles and overall it was a great ride. We rode out of Davis on a very pleasant bike path. It even had round-a-bouts. Once we got off the bike bath we turned and followed a beautiful valley full of orchards and vineyards.


During one of our breaks at a gas station we had been sitting outside for quite some time drinking some Gatorade when Cam turned to me and asked, “what’s on my shoulder?” when I looked we realized that there was a Praying Mantis on him! It was awesome!


When we were 55 miles into the ride we were riding a road that parralleled I-80. As we come up over one of the hills we caught our first glance of water from the Pacific in Suisun Bay. I got a little teared up.


There wasn’t any camping in Vallejo so we had to check into a hotel, which was difficult to find a room because of a marathon that is going on in San Francisco in the morning. Once again Amy is amazing and was able to find us a room. It has been such a blessing to have her along. She is so great at figuring out the details.

We have spent most of the evening figuring out our final route into the city and what plans look like once we ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and begin our celebration! The plan is to take a ferry from Vallejo to the Sausalito area and ride from the north side of the bridge and celebrate as we ride into San Francisco on the south side of the bridge around 12!!!

For those that are following and are here in San Francisco, feel free to call us to find out any details if you would like to join! Should be on the south side of the bridge by 1pm.


It has been an odd evening thinking about the past two months. The experiences, the conversations, the relationships…all have had their effect on me and all those that have been involved from the beginning. It has been an amazing journey and I hate that it is coming to an end. But at the same time we are ready to return home and see where the next thing takes us.

Tune in tomorrow to see how the ending goes!



3 Responses to Bittersweet thoughts – Day 61

  1. Susan says:

    Hooray for you and Cam! And Amy, too, for she has been a huge part in this journey! Congratulations on a huge accomplishment! We have ridden on bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge and what a thrill! Have a wonderful day celebrating!

  2. David Harding says:

    Way to go guys! I am envious of your time in Davis. I went to grad school there to study water science in the early 80’s. Now you are connecting Davis with Ethiopia with your presence. Congratulations on a great trek and greetings from Ethiopia
    David Harding

  3. Congratulations! It’s been fun watching your progress and I hope things go fantastic in Ethiopia!

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